제목Attitudes, Etiquette and Enlightenment (2003 Open Letter 중)2017-09-08 15:35:43

  • 출처: 2003년 'Open Letter' 총 31 페이지중, 22p-31p.
  • Transmission by  Ma’a, Mashara and Reion of the Eieyani Ecka Council.

Attitudes, Etiquette and Enlightenment


Before we end this letter, we, the Eieyani would like also to briefly address issues pertaining to the attitudes with which peoples have approached return of the MCEO “Inner Christ” teachings, and also related issues pertaining to the intentional misrepresentation of this teaching paradigm that has been intentionally orchestrated via the UIR disinformation campaign.  As for the UIR disinformation campaign, let it be known, to those whom have actively and consciously propagated this endeavor on behalf of attempting to control public receptivity to acquiring knowledge, that we could most definitely have “taken the bait” of your actions that were intended to inspire us to “defend our position” and the integrity of MCEO paradigm; if we had chosen this route of response, you would have found yourselves most embarrassed within the public forum, for we do indeed possess the historical and technical knowledge by and through which you could easily “hang yourselves in your own words” in terms of the less-than-Christiac integrity of your externally hierarchal  teaching paradigms. Let it be known too, that we choose not to engage with you on this level, for we are uninterested in drawing the public into a further “power struggle drama” that would serve only to amplify public confusion and deterrence from exploration, which we know, was your primary objective. We have been gentle and kindly in our revelation of information, and have gone out of our way to protect your self-defined image from direct “attack” within the public forum; sadly, some of you have not extended the same general grace of being. We will continue to approach you in a loving and honest manner, for it is the Christiac way of action.

We, the Eieyani, do not need to “defend our paradigm” against such  juvenile discrediting attempts, for the Christiac Truths Speak Eternal, regardless of who does or does not listen.


It will be interesting to observe, following the recent Hetharo Reuche-a Shift, and corresponding shifts of consciousness and alliance within the UIR infrastructure that we have described here within, what direction the remaining UIR and Metatronic races will take in regard to propagating disinformation pertaining to the MCEO paradigm and its representatives. Will they continue to promote polarizing un-truths and disinformation under “lip service” of promoting Unity, or will they recognize that truthful sharing and sincere communication are the only means by which true unity and transcendence of polarity consciousness can be achieved? This decision is entirely up to each of them, and will not deter us from our path of returning the ancient Christaic knowledge to those of Earth whom desire its reclamation. We will suggest, however, for the many people who find value in our MCEO teachings, that you not allow yourselves to be inadvertently “victimized” by such ploys of disinformation; such antics are not only designed to deter public interest in MCEO works but, more importantly perhaps, also to engage you in useless, defensive, banter and rhetoric through which your time, attention and passion are needlessly exhausted. You do not need to “defend” the MCEO paradigm, or its representatives, to others, nor do you need to “take the bait” of engaging overt or covert antagonism from others, which is simply an “energy vampiring” game designed to sap your energies and misdirect your attentions into fruitless trivialities. One cannot sap your energies unless you allow them to, by giving your energies away.


For the purposes of general understanding we would like to clarify certain things pertaining to our communications with contemporary humanity, and regarding the attitudes through which our communications have been received. We of the Eieyani initiated public contact with your civilization through our elected Speakers via the 1999 production of the Voyagers book series, in fulfillment of a promise we made to your races during the events of the 22,326BC SAC.  Our motivation for this contact, and for returning to your world information that once belonged to the Indigo and Angelic Human Guardian races of Earth, is now, as always has been, unconditional LOVE and respect for your species. Our unconditional love and respect for the Indigo and Angelic Human races of Earth are born of our reverent and ongoing remembering of a commonly shared, noble healing mission that your races and ours have long shared, but which Earth races have long forgotten. We initiated contact in your generation in order to assist you in your awakening to the Blessed Selves that you are, so that you would have opportunity to finally fulfill, and thus, in completion release yourselves from, and have opportunity to renew, a sacred promise that your races once made as Planetary Guardians in loving service to God-Source.


When we express now that we are “glad for you” in the recent success of your Hetharo Peak Golden Dawn of the Krist Celebration, we choose these words in order to remind you that YOU and your world, not we, are the receivers of the gifts of your efforts. In returning to your world the knowledge you would need to move through Hetharo successfully,(knowledge which you, Earth’s Guardian races, lost, through your own ancient confusions and resulting unfortunate choices made during Earth’s various Atlantean dramas), we returned to you your heritage of knowledge and thus your birthright of free will choice, unconditionally, without “strings” and without attachment to your response. We, the Eieyani, did not take your birthright of free will choice from you, nor did we deny your world of the knowledge that was and is your heritage; these precious gifts of unconditional love, given freely to you and all by God-Source upon entering the manifestation arena, became lost to your planet and its races through the unfortunate ideas, agendas and actions toward which the Earth race collectives chose to apply their gifts of free will choice. As God-Source, nor we, the Eieyani, did not take these gifts of knowledge from you, not God-Source, nor we, thus “owe” the Earth races the return of this knowledge, for it is the Earth races themselves that were once entrusted as Divine Knowledge Keepers, and it is the Earth races whom betrayed themselves and their Divine Commission through free will co-creation of events with those of fallen systems, which has resulted in the progressive loss of the gift of knowledge and conscious free will choice on Earth.


Not God-Source, nor any Christac race or individual, has judged or punished Earth races for the unfortunate misapplications of free will choice that were historically rendered as evolving Earth races struggled to remind themselves of essential lessons in the appropriate use and application of love and power. Indeed, many times we, the Eieyani, and other Christiac races intervened in the Earth drama out of unconditional love, empathy, kindness and caring, in attempt to temporarily protect you from the severity of tangible consequences in energy and consciousness that Earth races, in conjunction with various visitor races, have progressively set in motion through historical free will choices made. We had hoped that in our protective intervention, your races and your world would be spared the immediate brunt of consequence the Earth collectives had set in motion, long enough for Earth races to sufficiently self-heal, return to original Planetary Guardian status and reclaim self-accountability and appropriate responsibility for healing the chaos that had been created. At various times, our gift of loving intervention entangled us within the race-karma dramas Earth races had created for themselves, and numerous times our races have suffered severely as a consequence of such entanglements that we ourselves allowed and for which we thus accept appropriate accountability. It will be helpful for you to understand that we do not judge, “blame” or perceive ourselves as being “victimized” by the often unfortunate choices made by Earth races of the past and present that we have chosen to assist. We are “owed” nothing by Earth races, as we have always given our gift of assistance and knowledge to you out of unconditional love only, not as a means of “getting something in return”, and we take responsibility for our own choice to give this gift, even if at times it has led to our own hardships.


Earth races are not “owed” the gift of our intervention, nor obligated to accept this gift, and not we, God-Source, or anyone else outside of the self “owes” the return of the gift of knowledge and power that once belonged to Earth races, which was inappropriately used and was thus rendered ‘inaccessible’. The races of Earth owe themselves the return of the Christiac knowledge, power and heritage that has so long been self-denied through confused, self-serving and unloving choices. We, the Eieyani, the original seed of your Universal Christiac Founders and Earth Guardian races, need nothing from you or your world. Our worlds, even those we have recently allowed to be placed at risk in order to give your world a final gift of loving assistance, are, unlike the present status of Earth, Christiac Eternal Life systems fully capable of self-generated renewal. Many of you fully understand and appreciate the gift of knowledge we have offered to you; you have recognize it for the gift that it IS, a kindness extended to you out of the deepest unconditional love, through which you have regained an opportunity, that you yourselves had lost, to reclaim your original God-Source gift of free will choice, and the Christiac knowledge through which free will can be applied by you to heal and set free yourselves and your planet. We thank those of you holding this understanding for recognizing the love for you, and for all of creation, that is our motivation.


 We speak to Earth races of the current generation, returning the gift of knowledge that ancient Earth races asked us to hold in safe keeping until this time, because there comes a time in all reality systems when no one can protect another from the responsibility of self-accountability. Great changes in energy and consciousness are now unfolding in your universe, and on Earth, the magnitude of which will appear much clearer in hindsight than is presently obvious. You are not “accountable to us”; we, the Eieyani, are not your “task-masters or ruling authorities”, nor would we insult you by self-appointing ourselves to represent the “externalization of your spiritual hierarchy”, as many others with questionable motives are presently doing. You are not accountable to us, nor are we to you, however, every being in creation IS accountable to itself and to God-Source, as this self-accountability was known, agreed to and accepted by all upon entering individuated manifestation. Accountability to God-Source is not negotiable; this accountability is implied by and interwoven through the very fabric of creation and remains as a constant that is perpetually upheld and continually demonstrated through the natural Laws of First Creation Physics, which continually govern the relationships between manifest energy and consciousness through Cause-Effect, Action-Reaction and corresponding Tangible Consequence. Accountability for ones choices is a lesson no manifest being can escape; the natural Laws of First Creation Physics will faithfully reflect and objectify the responsible, or irresponsible, use of personal creative power and free will choice, in terms of Tangible Consequence of Energy, Experience and Consciousness. Presently, Earth, its Life Field and your Universal Veca system are passing through a long-awaited “Portal of Accountability”, a series of events in energy, consciousness and, inevitably, experience, which represents a culmination-point of consequence in the collective and individual use, and misuse, of love, creative power and free will choice.     


Since the 1999 release of the Voyagers book series, and through the intense period of data record translation that became necessary following the September 2000 UIR War Edict against the Christiac Founders races, we, the Eieyani, have progressively returned your ancient lost knowledge in stages appropriate, within the circumstances of the contemporary conflict drama, to your greatest benefit in awakening, empowerment and freedom; this is our gift of love to you, to God-Source and to all of Creation. We have also observed how the peoples of Earth who have encountered this knowledge have responded to our gift of intervention. Many of you have received this gift of intervention and knowledge with a reciprocal gift of Divine Grace and Love, recognizing that it IS a gift, recognizing that no one “owed” it to you, recognizing that a common gratitude and simple appreciation for a loving kindness extended is an appropriate reaction to this gift in terms of Christiac-spiritual-etiquette; you have recognized our true motivation of absolute and unconditional love for you, as well as for those fallen races whom have chosen, and continue to choose, to remain in their self-created imprisonment.  Most importantly, you have applied the gift of knowledge in a way that has “passed it on” to others unaware, as through your trust in the integrity of the Universal Christiac Truths of which we speak, and application of the Christiac spiritual technologies contained within your returned ancient knowledge, you have gifted Planet Earth and much of its life field with an evolutionary option of Christiac Regenesis and Healing; an evolutionary option that is being returned now to your Universe, but which would have been lost forever to the probability time-line of Earth within which you reside, if you had not extended co-operation to the Christiac races who have tried to assist your world. In passing our gift on, you have also given many more gifts unto yourselves, to those you love, and to many others that you may never know.


Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, some of you that have consciously encountered the gift of our intervention and return of your knowledge have not extended a reciprocal gift of Divine Grace and Love to yourselves, or to the others of your world. We are not unaware of, nor unsympathetic to, the fact that revelation of the knowledge we have returned has been very difficult for many, if not all, for though it IS the truth of your historical reality, Earth races have evolved since 25,500BC within a progressively expanding web of intentionally created and actively propagated Fallen Angelic deceptions and distortions of truth. Deceptions that were intended to, and have nearly fully succeeded in, eradicating your collective memory of the real Earth-race identities, their history and the purposes for which the various races of Earth exist. We have observed from the beginning of our public data revelation some of you inadvertently succumb to your own fears and confusions regarding the challenges your heritage of Christiac truth has posed to the incomplete but emotionally comfortable “pat answers” you have been fed through deceptively contrived earth dogmas designed to enslave you. We have brought to you knowledge of loving differentiation, not judgmental condemnation, between the Eternal Life (Christiac) and Finite Life (Anti-Christiac) paths, and of the agendas presently, and historically, running upon your planet that serve each of these respective paths, so that you would become empowered to make conscious choices as to what path you would prefer to follow. So afraid have some of you been to even consider the potential truth of your planetary heritage and its contemporary consequence that you found need to “make us wrong, evil, bad or elitist” in your judgments, to receive our gifts of perspective with hatred, anger and blame, completely oblivious to the gift of revelation itself, and utterly unable to even recognize the LOVE for you that our giving implies.


Some of you continue to project your own hidden and denied improprieties or inequities of integrity, clarity, and motivation upon us, blaming and accusing us, or the 3 earthly representatives WE have collectively chosen and fully endorse, of precisely the unsavory attitudes, actions, motivations and behaviors that you, yourselves are spewing into the external world, while rudely demanding that we justify our existence and perspectives in precise accordance with your presently limited concepts and ideas pertaining to the nature of reality. Do you even recognize what utter arrogance, spiritual violation of others, spiritual denial of yourselves and absolute immaturity and ignorance that this type of “demand of justification” from others implies? Do you even recognize that so thick and muddied have been your own mirror-projections onto to us that you can not even see who we are, nor hear what we are saying?  Where did you ever get the idea that anyone,… God-Source, the “Universe”, the Eieyani, your parents, your partner, your teachers, the government, etc…., is required to justify their existence or perspectives to you, or “OWES YOU” anything, including an explanation or answer. You “owe” yourselves these things and much more, but as long as you refuse responsibility for this by projecting your power and accountability onto external sources, blaming and angrily demanding from the external instead of lovingly giving to it and to yourselves, you will continue to dis-empower yourselves and perpetually place yourselves into the role of playing “victim”, so you can draw to you the external mirror to reflect back to you the ways in which you are victimizing and denying your true self.  Because we DO love you, we will not assist you in perpetuating such self-disempowering and other-abusive behaviors that some of you have been demonstrating, by dignifying such childish ranting with a response. (To the many of you who have recently been at the brunt of this type of spewing behavior, we will lovingly remind you that you are fully entitled to respond in similar fashion, though perhaps it would be more appropriate to avoid dignifying such behavior with any response at all). If one desires Christiac assistance in finding one’s own answers to personal questions (including those pertaining to our work), then might we suggest asking one’s questions in a loving, appreciative, kindly, sincere Christiac manner; a practice through which one might find the feed back one hopes to acquire returns in like Christiac fashion.


There are, and will continue to be, many questions that need answers, and many more explanations needed along every step of the journey back to expansion into the original state of Enlightenment, and we have returned to you already many of the ancient tools with which you once were entrusted; tools of knowledge and its application by which you could regain the needed clarity and Christiac sanctity of your multi-dimensional identity and, thus, the resumption of your responsibility for finding the answers to your own personal questions. What have you done with these tools? If you have used them appropriately, with a genuine attitude of openness and willingness to learn and grow, you do not need to heap demand, or spew malicious, poisonous blame and mindless accusation upon others like spoiled, overly-indulged children. Attention and answers from your own personal Inner Christos, from God-Source, from us or our earthly representatives, and from everything in the universe, are available, if you appreciate the fact that attention and answers are gifts, not entitlements you have right to take for granted. If you repeatedly fail to recognize this fact, and continue to spew demand, judgment, blame and accusation of others into your world, your world will progressively frustrate you by faithfully reflecting back to you the insensitivity, unkindness, unfairness, judgment and lack of love you are spewing. 


Those of you who justify your inappropriate use of energy in this way can spew at God, us, our representatives etc… until your heart is content, but in this way your heart will never be content, for it is yourselves, not us, whom you are hurting through such attitudes and actions; you are keeping yourselves “stuck” in the “victim-victimizer game”.  We of the Christiac stance will meet you, as a recognized symbolic mirror-projection that models for us, as representatives of the Living God-Source, the precise aspects of hurt and confusion that have yet to heal within the ONE-Body of God-Source. We will not victimize you with judging condemnation, nor will we blame you for victimizing us, as we will not allow you to place us in the role of “victim”, for we take full responsibility for the fact that we agreed to enter this learning game with you, so that we might model and mirror for you precisely the Christiac ideas, attitudes and actions by which one becomes free from the victim-victimizer polarity drama; the very Christiac ideals that many of you are disowning within yourselves. Within this “House of Mirrors” holographic reality that we all co-create together, we, the Eieyani and other Christiac races, mirror for the earthly and fallen Metatronic races, the long-forgotten Christiac heritage that for so long now your races have disowned and self-denied, and thus projected outward into externalized personifications.  Within this universal drama, the Metatronic and fallen races mirror for us and the Christiac races, the portions of ourselves-AS-God-Source-expressions, who chose the path of Opposite Expression to Divine Will and Christaic Eternal life, and have thus became self-ensnared within the finite illusions of matter, space and time. We and the Christiac races mirror back for you the undying love, truth, responsibility and accountability of your disowned personal and collective Eternal God-Source Within. We will not “take it personally” if you, in your present state of evolution, need to “make us your objectified petty tyrants”, or if you attempt to play the role of ours, even though we have come offering only truth, accurate information, Christiac knowledge, Knowing Innocence and Unconditional Divine Love for ALL of creation, as we return to you the option of reclaiming your original freedom, dignity and power. Assign whatever self-projections you must to us, but please recognize, for your own benefit, that this is precisely what some of you are doing. 


We will model for you the reality that we are not the victims or victimizers that your egos would like to believe we are, so that you do not have to face the victim and victimizer behaviors within yourselves that continue to dis-empower you, by placing on external forces blame, responsibility, accountability and the power to heal and free yourselves from your self-imposed victim-hood. We will continue to observe, identify, and love instead of judge, God-Source, Christiac Eternal Life races and principles, you, ourselves, those who prefer to follow the Anti-Christiac Finite Evolution path, and ALL of Creation, absolutely, equally and unconditionally, always, but we will also always honor and embody (but not impose) the eternal preference of Christiac action, principle and creation through which God-Source set in motion the Eternal Original First Creation. And we will recognize in reverence, the Living God-Source Within All Things, and in so doing will not mock, disrespect, insult or deny the infinite, loving God-Source Within us all, by allowing ourselves to be victims or victimizers, for both positions imply denial of the Living Inner God-Source and its inherent Knowing Innocence, Unconditional Love, Infinite Kindness and Limitless Power.


We, the Eieyani, have known the many lessons of Unconditional Love and Christiac power management since our First Creation and individuated manifestation; like us, all races, including those from which all contemporary Earth races originated, originally knew the truths and lessons of Christiac Love and power use upon entry into manifest creation. The contemporary races of Earth, and many, from many other space-time systems, have forgotten the solutions to the “victim-victimizer polarity learning game”; they have forgotten that it was a learning game of personal power mastery that they, like we, once enthusiastically agreed to enter to further develop Christiac mastery skills, understanding and the ability to express God-Love manifest. Unlike we, those who have forgotten these original truths became trapped within the manifest illusion. Those who have forgotten the Christiac Way are still loved, valued and cherished, but they are not “forgiven”, for though they will always be accountable, in terms of tangible consequence of energy, consciousness and experience, for their free will choice explorations in learning and their resultant creations, these Beings themselves have never been judged nor condemned by God-Source or the Christiac races, no matter how confused and destructive the results of their explorations might have become. The need to be “forgiven” implies one has been judged; God-Source does not judge, but only loves unconditionally and allows for the framework within which accountability becomes a self-regulating force. There has been no need to “forgive” the fallen races, for they were allowed the gift of free will expression, even if this gift was used in opposite expression to the original and eternal Loving Intention of God-Source, whom gave all the privilege of this potential. Though when necessary, Christiac races will expose the actions and deceptions of fallen races, on behalf of preserving the continuation of the Christaic principle of free will choice, we will do so only in Unconditional Love and Allowance, not judgment and condemnation, as we have done within the contemporary Earth drama.


The Eieyani races, long ago, “passed their courses” in God-love expression and Christiac polarity consciousness mastery, in manifest learning arenas similar to your Earth-school classroom. Since our “passing of this basic course study”, in which we re-learned the lessons of unconditional love and appropriate Christiac power mastery, we have reclaimed the Christiac Knowing Innocence of our original First Creation, and now serve as loving mentors for those existing within reality systems still struggling to remember, master  and embody the Divine Lessons of Unconditional Love. We welcome and greatly appreciate such opportunities to demonstrate and teach the Lessons of Divine Love, for our “students” are also equally our “mentors” through which we continually learn and grow in comprehension of God-Being, and our “students” also gift us with the continuing opportunity to GIVE our love and knowledge. Once one has learned and embodied the Lessons of Divine Love and Power, one recognizes that the greatest joy is in the giving, not in the taking, and that the greatest power is in the Being, not in the controlling.  There is nothing we need of you, but we have much to give if it is wanted; but we will give on our own terms, in our own time, and because we freely choose to give, not because some of you self-righteously demand that we do so. There is little we can presently give to those who believe they are “owed” and thus feel self-justified in the less-than-Christiac responses of spewing and demanding. If invited, we will come gently to those whom are gentle, kindly to those whom are kind, respectfully to those whom are respectful, firmly and faithfully to those who are firm and faithful in their knowing of the Omnipotence and Omnipresence of the Eternally Loving One-God-Source through which we all emerge.  But to those still fully ensnared within the “Victim-Victimizer Game”, who still justify their own right to act abusively, demandingly, manipulatively and lovelessly toward others, and whom believe that someone beside themselves “owes them something”, we cannot yet come at all, for such attitudes and ideas completely block reception of the unconditional love and potential gifts of Christiac wisdom we might offer, thus reducing us in your perceptions to nothing more than a mirror for the projections of your disowned and dysfunctional aspects of self. For you we will await your further growth and maturity, in order to remind you of the lessons of Divine Love, responsibility and accountability that you are still learning in order to set yourselves free.  


What is Fear?


That many of you have embraced the fearlessness intrinsic to the Chistiac teachings we have returned to your world brings great joy to our hearts, for only in fearlessness can you embrace and rediscover your true heritage of  God-given, self-sovereign  freedom. It is, however, sad to observe how some of Earth’s peoples have responded to the gifts of truth and Christiac knowledge we have lovingly returned. For thousands of years Earth races have prayed, screamed, demanded, begged, wished, meditated, chanted and droned upward to the heavens to have knowledge, truth, enlightenment and its presumed power bestowed. We have returned the gift of your ancient Christiac knowledge through which you might begin to understand and reclaim your race heritage and dignity, yet not only is this gift and its inherent absolute love unrecognized by some of you, but some of you become angry, vengeful and malice-filled in response, because the knowledge is different than your projected expectations and presumptuous “pat answers” have demanded it to be. Some of you project your own fears upon us and inappropriately accuse US of generating fear, in order to secure the self-limiting boundaries of your own denial of your past, your heritage, your accountability, your responsibility, your inherent Blessed Innocence and your precious Un-extinguishable God-Source Within. Denial of the “way things are”, or of the potential for open-minded exploration of the “way things might be”, is the greatest expression and embodiment of utterly polarized fear-based consciousness, so trapped within the false-security of its own illusions of judgment, condemnation, denial of Self, denial of other and denial of the God-Source Within, that insight or action in sincere love, fairness or kindness becomes next to impossible.


To those of you whom erroneously believe that the Christiac teachings we have returned to your world are based upon fear, we suggest to you that a closer examination of this issue might facilitate your greater understanding, and hence support your potential growth toward the Christiac attribute of fearlessness. If we had revealed to you the sorrows of your history and the unpleasant realities of the contemporary drama into which these sorrows have culminated, without simultaneously revealing to you the self-empowered spiritual solutions through which you can lovingly and peacefully reclaim personal power in the present to heal the unfolding drama, then yes, we would be guilty of generating fear; in fact, to reveal the truth of Earth’s present dilemma without offering potential effective solutions would be cruel. WE have not generated fear, nor have we been cruel, nor have we given to you “fear-based” teachings. We have instead revealed the realities of the past and present drama so that you had opportunity to employ free will choice, and have provided extensive explanations and returned universal spiritual tools by which you could choose to come fearlessly out of the fear-based imprisonment of denial to make a loving, wise and powerful Christiac stand in reclaiming your own heritage, destiny and planet. You do not hurt or anger us by projecting your disowned fears upon us, and though we would prefer, we do not need for you to understand, love or accept us, or the truths we stand for, in order for us to be joyous in our Christiac freedom. Sadly, you do not in any way lessen the magnitude of the present planetary drama by denying its existence, but you do undermine your own claimed objectives of seeking truth, spiritual enlightenment, empowerment, freedom and love. What is fear but an utter denial of the Living God-Source and God-power Within you? What is fearlessness but utterly BEING the Living God-Source and God-power Within you?  Does the Living God-Source Within you lament that “you have said this, and in so doing you have made me afraid”, or does the God-Source Within observe and consider “you have said this, and I will consider the IS-ness of this and choose to not make myself afraid”? Who is responsible for your feelings, you, or something outside of yourself? Do you each not have the gift of free will selection through which you can choose how you will respond to something, and thus correspondingly choose your experience of it? Who is responsible for your choices?  Many of you, we are glad to say, already know the answers to these questions; these are the many whom will not be found spewing demand, accusation and self-righteous judgment into their external hologram.


Reality simply IS what it is, regardless of the labels, assessments and perceptual filters you personally assign to it; the experience of fear emerges when you label the benign reality of what IS through the distortion-lens of polarized duality while denying the existence, love, safety and infinite power of manifestation inherent to the God-Source Within. We are saddened that some of you have chosen to frighten yourselves in face of the fearless, love-based Christiac knowledge we have returned. You owe yourselves a more joyous, empowered experience, but we cannot give this gift to you, you can only choose to give it to yourselves. Fear is a bio-chemically carried experiential-emotional translation of God-Source-Within-denying ideas, beliefs, judgments and labels that you hold as energy patterns within the conscious and sub-conscious mind; these energy patterns direct the biochemical realities through which the sensation of emotional fear is experienced. The conscious mind has the free will power to actively choose ideas, beliefs, assessments and labels that honor and recognize, rather than deny, the power of the God-Source Within. When free will is used to direct the conscious mind toward God-Source-Within-honoring, ideas, beliefs and assessments, corresponding God-Source-Within-honoring energy patterns are generated within the sub-conscious mind, and resultantly, biochemical-emotional translation generates the experience of fearlessness. The experience of fear or fearlessness is a free will conscious choice, a reality that IS and which Earth races have long forgotten. Fear emerges when you do not take responsibility for the thoughts and ideas you allow yourself to entertain, and thus permit ideas that deny the God-Source-Within to control the biochemical translation of experience for you, through the conscious and sub-conscious mind. Fearlessness is self-created through remembering that you have this free will conscious choice and its inherent self-responsibility, and through willingly applying your gift of free will to create and entertain ideas, beliefs, thoughts, assessments, labels and actions that honor and embrace, rather than deny and dis-empower, the Living God-Source Within you.


In our presentation of knowledge to you we have revealed to you the nature polarities in consciousness as they presently exist within the “Is-ness” of your collective manifest reality. Some of you have embraced this knowledge for the clear picture of understanding it allows, others have been angered by the responsibility toward cultivating self-differentiation skill and mental self-discipline that this knowledge implies, and have chosen the response of fear and vehement denial of the existence of polarity within the present drama. Denying the existence of the “Is-ness” of opposite polarities in hope of “transcending polarity” is not only utterly futile, as it casts one fully into a fully polarized singular-polarity extreme, it is also one of the greatest demonstrations of Choosing Fear and denying the Living God-Source-Within. Beings choosing fearlessness openly acknowledge polarity as an organic condition of manifest energy, observe the reality of what IS, and use the personal power of their conscious mind to choose ideas, assessments and labels that honor the infinity of the God-Source-Within them and within all things, through which the “IS-ness” and inherent living perfection of all creation can be fearlessly revealed, embraced, allowed, engaged and unconditionally loved. Who is responsible for creating your fear?  Who is powerful enough to heal it?....YOU are, in co-creation with, and expressing AS, your Living God-Source-Within.  As long as one disowns the personal responsibility of using free will choice to consciously select how one will interpret, label and respond to conditions inherent to the Is-ness of reality, one will be forever at the mercy of the sub-conscious biochemical-emotive translation response. If one does not recognize the self as the selector and creator of fear, one will be likewise unable to recognize or utilize the innate personal power to select and create fearlessness.     


Where is the LOVE?


Many of you, upon encountering the MCEO teachings of the “Inner Christ”, immediately recognized and embraced the magnitude of absolute, unconditional love that is embodied within these teachings. However, others of you have cried “Where is the Love?”, as you have inadvertently projected your own present inability to identify, perceive or feel genuine absolute love onto us, accusing us of being “unloving” because we have returned to you the gift of truth, revelation and differentiation; a Christiac truth that inherently returns one to the necessity of personal responsibility and accountability. Here you have not been taught the falsehood that genuine love, spiritual enlightenment and personal power can be reclaimed by patronizing a “magic genie-God parent-figure in the sky”; instead you have been gently guided back unto yourselves, and to the innate love, power, responsibility and accountability of the God-Source-Within you. To those of you who sound this cry, might we say to you, “The Love is ALL AROUND YOU and WITHIN ALL THINGS; it is within every molecule of all creation, within the eternal and perpetual Absolute Love of God-Source, within you and within all of creation. Absolute Love simply beams from each page of the knowledge we have returned to you, and through each cell of those whom we have elected as our earthly representative Speakers. The effective question Dear Ones is not “Where IS the Love”, it is “Why can YOU not feel its presence?”, for if you ask yourselves the latter question instead of hiding within the self-denial implied by the former, you have taken a first step in recognizing the present absence of the frequency of absolute unconditional love within yourselves; an absence which you project outward onto an innocent, love-filled manifest creation, obscuring your own ability to perceive the love that is always there by the distortion lenses of your own perceptual filters. You will see, know and touch the absolute love within others, us, our works, our representatives, within the external hologram and within the very fiber of creation, when you apply free will choice to discovering, allowing, embodying, becoming, BEing and freely giving the Divine Unconditional God-Source-Love WITHIN YOU, which you can only accomplish through recognition, respect and reverence for the Living God-Source Within. Are we “unloving” because we have reminded you that you, as all, are responsible and accountable for your choices; because we have loved you enough to expose ideas, agendas and actions through which your own God-Source-Within has been repeatedly denied?


 As long as you deny the vitality of the Living God-Source Within you (such as in worship of external god-personifications, reliance upon “angels” for guidance, believing that you are a disempowered victim, etc), you will be unable to perceive or receive the genuine love that is given to you by others, by the Universe and by God-Source. The answer to the question of “Where is the Love?” is the sincere affirmation that “I AM THE LOVE” and a firm commitment to embodying through action, thought and creed, this eternal Christiac ideal. When you choose At-One-ment with the Living God-Source within you, you will know the love, Be the love, embody the love, and thus you will see reflected everywhere around you the reality of the LOVE that is the foundation of all creation. The degree to which you recognize and embrace the eternal love of the God-Source-Within you will be the degree to which you are able to identify, experience, recognize and embrace the eternal love that is always present within all aspects of your external hologram.

In Closing


We are sympathetic to the shock revelation of long-hidden truth can initially generate, and have been as gentle and loving as possible to all “sides” concerned within the present polarity-drama, even within our necessary expose’ of the most difficult aspects of knowledge regarding your past and present planetary dilemmas. We have not exposed the presence, plots, tactics and agendas of the Fallen Angelic ones out of hatred for them, nor do we place condemnation or judgment upon them, for they too are loved by us and by God-Source unconditionally, even though this gift of love is not often returned. Though we are unconditionally loving in motivation and by nature, on behalf of upholding the Christiac Divine Right of Free Will Choice, we will when necessary reveal, to the extent necessary for a return of balance to the manifest playing field, the truth pertaining to the corrupt and destructive actions that the Fallen Ones reserve the right to inflict upon creation. The Fallen Ones can continue to play the role of your victimizers only if you, yourselves, continue to play the role of victim by denying the responsibility, accountability, knowledge, truth, reality, unconditional love and limitless power inherent to the God-Source Within you.


Beloved peoples of Earth, amazing times are now upon you; great changes that will permanently affect all generations yet to come are presently unfolding beneath the stasis of your slumber. In our contemporary engagement with your cultures we have had the often seemingly “thankless job” of returning to your world the knowledge that is your heritage, even though many of you were in no way ready to embrace its revelation; we give a loving nod of tribute to the few who’ve heard the freedom call.  To all of Earth’s inhabitants, we honor your Divine Right to freely choose what you will believe, and thus subsequently choose who you shall become. Presently upon your planet an old species is dying; the species that you have named the “Homo-sapiens”, which is a sub-species-mutation born of separate species forced united. The Homo-sapiens  DNA is a blended genome-mutation wrought from a forced Transposition of Race Identity that began in Atlantean times.  In your present generation a change is now occurring through which the blended Homo-sapiens genome will give rise to two separate paths of species evolution, one path representing the Regenesis of the Original Indigo and Angelic Human Eternal Life races, the other representing the Zenith of the Magenta Metatronic line. We, the Eieyani seed of your original Christiac Founders races have returned to you the hidden knowledge through which your peoples were given opportunity for conscious free will choices as to which evolutionary path their consciousness would henceforth follow.


Both Christiac and Metatronic races are beloved unto God-Source; both are allowed, since the Beginning, their choice of destiny. The difference between the Christiac and Metatronic path is simply the difference between Eternal Life and Finite Life Creation; the difference between a Loving God-Source-Within embraced, or a judging God-head-Without projected. In the End, as the Beginning, all things exist within the ONE, as expressions of the ONE, and all things return unto the ONE ….the only difference being the quality of the experiential path by which one chooses to come HOME. For those of you whom much prefer your Gods exist external, in polarity always separate, outside of the self you know yourself to be…may you find peace within the worlds of polarity expression that you, yourselves will thus create, as the way your Gods must be.  We, of the Eieyani, hold a different vision; that of the Original Christiac God-Within beyond polarity.


We, of the Eieyani, did not return to you in this time to deny those of Metatronic persuasion the right to express their preferred worldview of externalized hierarchy; we have, instead, come to return the memory of the Original Inner Christiac Way, so that the peoples of Earth would have opportunity to choose freely their own path of destiny. Through the success of Earth’s May 27, 2003 Alignment with the Universal Hetharo Peak, the potentialities of the Inner Christiac Way have been restored on Earth, returning the option of evolutionary Regensis to the Original Indigo and Angelic Human species. The Metatronic races will also have their way as the Metatronic mutation now approaches its Zenith of expression. ALL IS Allowed by God-Source, and ALL are loved… Always….may the newly birthing species of Earth extend to each other such loving and allowance, and may each individual of Earth choose well its destiny.


For everything Beloved Ones there is indeed a “season”, “a time for every purpose under heaven”…. In our contemporary communications with your world there has been a time for revelation, through which your peoples might consider what has so long been kept from view. We have exposed what has been hidden sufficiently enough for your peoples to make their preferred choices, and thus the time of revelation shall now pass, to become a time of Christiac Healing for those who care to partake of this endeavor. The recent post-Hetharo probability sub-harmonic Reuche-a Shift that we described earlier in this letter, has presented your world with new opportunities for safe passage through the Hethalon and greater peace thereafter; what you choose to do with these opportunities is completely up to you. We, the Eieyani, and the other Christiac races, will remain with you until your changes have been done. We hope this letter has assisted you in answering some of your more pressing questions. We will walk with you of the Christiac path each step in your unfolding, so long as you desire our camaraderie. Life at any juncture is nothing less than Celebration; Let us continue Onward, Upward, Godward…fearless Eternally.


We will speak with you again as your Hethalon approaches; have faith Dear Ones, at every step, in your Eternal God-Source-Within.


Ashalum Ta’,

Ma’a, Mashara and Reion of the Eieyani Ecka Council.