12 Tribes Volume 2

2017-03-13 23:35

12 Tribes Volume 2

A lot of detailed information was presented in each class and some of that information was brought forth into subsequent workshops. However, the classes themselves holds a whole lot more detail than was able or needed to be brought forward in the following workshops. Therefore, these transcripts allow for more understanding to unfold.

Please be aware, the 12 Tribe Products are the "written transcripts" of the 12 Tribe Classes, accompanied by the "Audio CD's" of the Techniques presented in each class. There are no video recordings of the 12 Tribe Classes.

12 Tribes Class 5: June 23–24, 2007:
12 Tribes Class 5 was an information-packed class with subjects including the “signature” of the Aquafereion gene code; the history of the Aquafereion races; the Starborn, Lightborn, Lifeborn, God Born, and Kryst Born Cycles; the Rasha Template; the Rashallah, RashaLE, and RashaLAe Bodies; the Heart and Eye of God; the KaLA-Eyugha; the Krystar activation; and the Ring and Span Tones. There was also a fascinating roundup of the Peru workshop events that involved the activation of the Seven “Heads” or “Seals” of the Caduceus Network and other events that are “coded” within the Book of Revelation. Other topics included the Krystal Heart Seeding Two and Astura Seeding One Ascension Passages; the Fallen Micca-Mecca Complex; the “First Stand of Aurora”; the 13,400 BC Great Netting, the 9,562 BC Great Encasement, and the 13,400 BC – 10,500 BC Aquari-Aquafereion hybridization programs; the Vertical Maps; the Sun’s Bardaoh Cycle; the Ring of Fire Passage; and the Elemental Master Seur and Cloud-Walkers Stands. Techniques included: The 5-Technique Pre-Stand Sequence, the Access Key Journey, the Elemental Command Master Stand, and the Stand of the Sacred Heart. Completion of the Ecousha-3 Passage Flows into the Tenerife Aquafereion Shield to begin the merger of Aurora Platforms 3 and 4; Journey to Adashi-7 Floor 5, the Hibernation Zone Reclamation, and Journey 5: Journey to the Eye of God.

Here is a list of "some" of the things presented in 12 Tribes Class 5 with links to products that this information was touched upon.

Krystal Heart of Aquari Codes: In Seeding 2, there was a group of Angelic Humans and Aquafereion upgrade Angelic Humans that carried a line of codes called the Krystal Heart of Aquari Codes that enabled the opening of the Krystal Heart of Aquari passages in the event that the Seeding 3 races ascension passages were closed or collapsed.. These are passages that exist within the Earth’s Body and they are part of the Host Shield. KRD/5DVD/HB

Hydrolase: Hydrolase is an eternally living substance, or Living Water. Hydrolase is D3 H2O2He3. WTV/4DVD/3CDT

Solar Symbiosis Cycle: A Solar Symbiosis Cycle allows you to be able to convert some of the radiation from Sunlight into usable Joule energy. Solar Symbiosis is the process through which Hydrolase is made. It allows for the chemical changes in the body that allow for the atomic structure—the cellular structure—to transmute, turn to light, and then re-manifest itself somewhere else. SLD-2/6DVD/7CDT/HB

Allurea: The First Eye of God = The Eye of EtorA + The Eye of AdorA – Tunnel of Love is the LaVa of the Allurea. RODL/5DVD/3CDT

Glide: To Glide is to project with only the Rasha body portion of your consciousness and no physical atomic structure. KRD/5DVD/HB

Path of the Ring of Fire: The “Path of Mercy”, the “Step-Back Path” or the “Path of Dha-LE LUma” The Ring of Fire refers to the Shala 13 Gates at the core of each stellar body where there is an opening of the Eiron Point that occurs right when Bhardoah ends and Nova begins in a Sun. RODL/5DVD/3CDT
12 Tribes Class 6: July 21–22, 2007:
In 12 Tribes Class 6 there was more information on the Peru “events” (including the “fly-bys”), the Caduceus activations, Spirit Body anatomy, and in-depth anti-Krystic anatomy — including the 7–7–7 Green Dragon activation, the “7th” Head of the Caduceus, the Caduceus stand-off, the Caduceus Ankh, and the “period of the plagues.” Highlights of this class included the dialogue with Earth (the Being), the DhaLE LUma “Step-back,” the Cusco and Machu Picchu connections to the Ascension Passages, the Inner Domain Hub AnshaTAsa Races, and the AnshaTAsa–Gyrodome connections between Urtha, Sirius B, and Andromeda. The LA-HE de Sala Chamber was also introduced as a prelude to the opening of the “other” 11 Spanner Gates. Techniques included: Opening of the Luna DhaLA REisha Passage Part-1 and the Knights of Aquari & Aquafereion. The First and Second Verses of the Psonn of Aurora and the 12:12 Journey to Sala-4 — Opening the Sala-4 KaLE Solar Chamber.

Here is a list of "some" of the things presented in 12 Tribes Class 6 with links to products that this information was touched upon.

Astura Passages: The Astura Passages are the passages on the planet through which the Seeding-3 Aquafereion Races were seeded. Na-VA-Ho Passages: The Na-VA-Ho Passages are the Seeding 2 passages that allow access to the Aurora-1 Slide Zone. LA HE de Luna: Means “Safe Passage Way” through the Moon. KRD/5DVD/HB

7-7-7: The Green Dragons went to war with Red Dragons & took over the big Ankh of the Caduceus Network through Live Earth Concerts in 7 locations on 7 continents on July 7, 2007 attempting to create a 3-day Pole Shit of 180º + 23.5º. AMST/6DVD/4CDT

DhaLA-LUma Path: This is the Path of Ascension – Full Turnaround Adashi Master Path For more information: Aug 2007 Phoenix; Revelations Of The ‘DhaLA-LŪma’ Transfiguration of the Kryst and the ‘KaLE-Hara’ Celebration. RODL/5DVD/3CDT

Dha-LA Ka-Rista Body: This is the Full Krystar Body or manifest body of the Kryst = 100% Spirit form = Being in a fully transcendent Krysted existence. KRD/5DVD/HB

12 Tribes Class 7: August 25–26, 2007:
12 Tribes Class 7 saw Team Aquafereion-Indigo move from Rasha Body training to DhaLA training. Subjects covered in this class included the E-LUma-UN, Sala-KaLE Chamber, Paths of the KaLA-Krysta (Path of the DhaLA) and KaLE-RAma (Step-back Path), Birth of the Cousha Cell and the Reusha-TA Cycle, SEda Spirit Cycle, the Primary Elemental Commands and the configuration of the Shadra Stands, and the 7 Primal Sound Tones. Other topics included “eye signs” as a personal window into one’s own DNA Template Activations; the pearlescent, opaline, and iridescent LaVa Flows; matter types in each Domain; the 3 Hara Bodies and Hara Currents; the KaLE-Hara Na-VA-Ho Birth Chamber; as well as Vector Lines, Event Horizons, Yan-Yun-A Krystar Spirit First Seed Atom, and E-LUma-UN Eturna Liquid Silica Core and the Silica Doorway and the Eiradonis Body. Technique: Journey 7: Raising the Eiradonis.

Here is a list of "some" of the things presented in 12 Tribes Class 7 with links to products that this information was touched upon.

Core Lava Currents: First 7 Core Currents that come out into manifestation from the Spirit Body. E-LUma-Un: A tiny little spark at the center of the Ecousha-TA Root Cell. GLS/7DVD/2CDT

Zero Gravity: As Manifestation thrusts outward and Spirit pulls backwards Zero G-Force is reached. Zero G-Force is a Still Point state that allows for transcendent experiences to initiate. No Materialization. You can dematerialize to Krystar Activation and go through Creation Door. RODL/5DVD/3CDT
Joule Force – J Force: Negative G-Force. The J-Force-stored behind in Eiradonis Body HaRA Krysta Chamber: The vertical Chamber that connects into the Core Flows of the Spirit Body Ka-LE Hara Chamber: Runs our Rod - horizontal DhaLA-KaLAah: Runs front to back NuVA-Na Cycle: Where PKI 1 is born NaVA-Na Cycle: Where PKI 2 is born Eiradonis: The Embodied Spirit. As long as the Eiradonis is with the body, you have a fully living Spirit LUma Eturna or Krystar Entity: Manifest Body of Source Fa Ratio: Fa Ratio is the Jha-Fa Ratio, which corresponds to the Jha-Fa Void where creation comes into materialization – the materialization point. It is not the mutated Phi Ratio that changes relationships between EirA, ManA, Mana, Prana & forms an unnatural body between the Manifest and Spirit bodies. GLS/7DVD/2CDT

12 Tribes Class 8: October 27–28, 2007:
12 Tribes Class 8 occurred after the Virginia Beach workshop and covered the Akashic Hall of Records, the Jesheua Codes and the Codes of AQUA’elle, the 7th Line of Jesheua, the M31 and AQUA’elle Universes, the structure of galaxies, the Fallen Milky Way, the Procyak False Memory Matrix and Records, Sagittarius A and Abaddon, the Procyak 666 Death Seal Matrix, Adjugate Bond Transfiguration, and Solar Symbiosis. Techniques included: The Jesheua Command Tones Aquinos-AQUA’elle Activation Technique: Journey 8: Releasing the Procyak 666 Death Seal Matrix; (Amsterdam Journey): Opening the Halls of REisha-TA through the Shala-13 Krystal Core and AquafarE’ Sala-Sira Passage.

12 Tribes Volume Two consists of 540 pages of verbatim transcripts of 12 Tribe Classes 5-8 and a set of 4 CD's of the Techniques that go with each class. 14 Diagrams included in manual.

Here is a list of "some" of the things presented in 12 Tribes Class 8 with links to products that this information was touched upon.

ELum-Eiradhona Body: The Cosmic Spirit Body - GLS/7DVD/2CDT
Gyrodome: The Host-field for the Aquious Matrix to be able to sustain this field while the other portions of this Planet and this Solar System and this Universal Time Matrix go into their Fall-cycle. KRD/5DVD/HB
Fire Chambers: Chambers or frequency lines that correspond to the Light Body Allurean Chambers: Chambers or frequency lines that correspond to the Spirit Body Adjugate Twins: Adjugate Twins are referred to as cross-vector twins. Imagine that you are looking at 12 lines on a clock. Across from the number 1 is the number 7. The 1 and 7 would be Adjugates as would 2 & 8, 3 & 9, 4 &10, 5 &11 and 6 & 12. GLS/7DVD/2CDT

Codes of AquA’elle: These are referred to as the Jesheua Codes that bring into activation the 12 Galactic JhĀ’-ia Suns (12 Universal Stargates) of the Aquinos Universe (“Andromeda Galaxy” M-31) and the 12 Galactic JhĀ’-ia Suns (12 Universal Stargates) AQUĀ’elle Aquinos Ascension-Host Universe. AMST/6DVD/4CDT

Akashic Record: The Akashic Record is the natural memory record on the AdorA side that holds the Divine Blueprint for our EtorA side. Ecoushic Record: The Ecoushic Record is the natural memory record is on our side (EtorA), and holds the core memory imprint for the AdorA side. GLS/7DVD/2CDT

Procyak False Memory Record: There is a network of 10 implants in our Milky Way that include the Alcyone libraries, the Omega Centauri library, the Tiamet library, the Procyon library, and the OberYon Abaddon library. AMST/6DVD/4CDT