12 Tribes Volume 1

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12 Tribes Vol. 1 Contains a 32 page Introduction to the 12 Tribes of Aquafereion. This brief introduction brings a linear sequence of how the 12 Tribe Classes unfolded and how Speakers and Attendees discovered together what the 12 Tribe Classes were to be about and their purpose as well as details about the information presented. It was not fully known, until the classes had completed, how these were going to play a part in the larger drama and the public workshops which followed the 12 Tribe Classes. This introduction is not included in Volumes 2 & 3 of the 12 Tribes Transcripts.
A lot of detailed information was presented in each class and some of that information was brought forth into subsequent workshops. However, the classes themselves holds a whole lot more detail than was able or needed to be brought forward in the following workshops. Therefore, these transcripts allow for more understanding to unfold.
Please be aware, the 12 Tribe Products are the "written transcripts" of the 12 Tribe Classes, accompanied by the "Audio CD's" of the Techniques presented in each class. There are no video recordings of the 12 Tribe Classes.
12 Tribes Class 1: January 20–21, 2007:
The first 12 Tribes class followed a few weeks after the FOL 2007 workshop, in which Team Aquafereion-Indigo ushered in the beautiful Tri-Eckasha Krystal River Flow, or the “Arc of Aquari,” and after an introduction from TU-pah (A’san), the Class 1 kicked off with the Krystal River Prayer, Psonn of Aurora, Veca RA-sha-EL Hub Activation # 1 (Hub Tones, etc.), the Ka-Sha Key Eye of Kanatareiah activation, the Merkaba and Ha’ah-TUr Command, Prayer for Safe Passage, and the A-Da’-Ma E-TUr-Na Psonn (Psonn of Adama). This was followed by activating the “mushroom” of protection to quarantine the Metatronic Threshold Towers that were activating in the Shalon-7 area of Phoenix. The lecture topics that followed included the Spanner-7 Gate (leading directly to Urtha), the Aquari Councils, the Fallen Bourgha-MUsala-AhLAma, the Eumbic Time Rip, the Threshold Technologies, Micca-Mecca main Eumbic Time Rip connection, the Fallen Inc-Uby and SUc-Uby Races, opening of the aquifers (the Urtha connections & Aquafereion Seals), the 10,550 BC 12 Feathers of Aquari “3-way conception” hybridization programs, the Knights of Aurora & Aquareion Elemental Command, the Cloud-Walker Command upgrades, and the 3 Bio-NET fields (Derma-NET, Intra-NET, and EGO-NET). Techniques: The deflection technique, the Krystal River Logos Flow, the “Stand of the 12 Feathers” or “Stand of the Great Cloud-Walker,” and Aurora Key-Runners Elemental Master Command Stand.
Here is a list of "some" of the things presented in 12 Tribes Class 1 with links to products that this information was touched upon.
Krystal River Prayer is a Prayer and Invocation that assists in anchoring the Tri-Eckasha Krystal River frequencies on Earth as well as on a personal level. It is a frequency stream from the Krystal Spirals of 3 Eckasha matrices.
For more information: Festival of Light 2007 & EOD/3DVD/HB.

Veca RA-Sha-EL = Hub Activation #1  - WRR/5DVD/S

Prayer for Safe Passage to Heaven: The Kan-Tar-RIE’a Um-Shaddh-Eie Gate Command - EAW/8DVD/S
Psonn of Adama/A-Da’-Ma-E-TUrNa Psonn: Song of the Adama Eternal Flame - TSG/8DVD

The Shield of Aquafereion: The Shield of Aquaferion is a surrogate Host Shield for Earth. 12 Feathers of Aquafereion: 12 Feathers of Aquaferion brought the Aquari gene line into the Angelic Human race lines offering each of the Angelic Human races a chance to bio-regenerate their Kristiac potential. TSG/8DVD

Hibernation Zones: The Hibernation Zones were fully formed in 9,562 BC right before the final Fall of the Atlantean Islands. They are places that are controlled by fallen angelics that exist right here with us on planet—some of them on surface, some of them subterranean. These particular places used to be a part of the natural Earth body structure, but they were locations whose immediate local shields were put on reverse spin to create an invisibility cloak. KASA/4DVD/2CDT & AMST/6DVD/4CDT.
Starborn Process: The First Living Light Cell, the Tauren, progressively expands quantum and size and grows to become what is called the Yunasai Seed Atom. SSAR-2/4DVD
12 Tribes Class 2: February 17–18, 2007:
Class started with the Class 1 “tech-prep” (see above), including the quick Krystal River protection technique and the Starborn Flame Code sequence (from the Sacred Sexuality Series). Orientation lecture topics included the Ring Masters Master Elemental Command Groups, the “Lords of the Rings,” the 9562 BC “Great Encasement,” the “Walking Dead” process, the 12 Tribes mission to progressively open the Aquafereion Seals in Earth aquifers that connect to Earth’s Krystic counterpart Urtha, the 24 Pillars of the Sa’dhi SA-ta Seur Stand, the true Bourgha-Budhara and Kryst-Fall Budhara story, Bourgha invasion of the WesaLA Matrix, the dark-matter ParTE’KEi Template Fields, the Leviathan forced hybridization, the Krystic 12 Feathers Aquari consensual hybridization (Aquari-upgrade) programs, our Ecka’s long dramatic history, the Borenthasala Fall and their 6-6-6-6 Polarity Experiment & Victim-Victimizer Game Program, the subsequent Fall of Lyra (Lyran Wars) and Fall of Metatron, the 450-billion-year-old Tri-Eckasha Cooperative, the Aqualene Transmissions from the Aquious or AnshaTAsa Hubs (in the Krystic Aquareion Matrix), and Earth’s Lone Star Fall. Techniques: Ring-1 Journey to the Urtha Aquafereion Adashi Temples & Opening the Ring-1 Pink Sapphire Shala-13 Adashi Chamber, Aurora Key Elemental Master Command Stand, Aquareion Cloud-Walkers SEda Psonn Circle Part-1, the Aurora Aquareion Key download into Shala-13 and the Knights of Aquareion initiation.
Here is a list of "some" of the things presented in 12 Tribes Class 2 with links to products that this information was touched upon.
Tri-Matrix Krystal River Cooperative: The creation and purpose of the Tri-Matrix Krystal River Cooperative was to quarantine the Bourgha Black Hole System. Festival of Light 2007 & TSG/8DVD

Aqualene Transmission: A very large blended ray of frequency comprising the pale aqua currents of the outer domain of the Aquari (Arc of Aquari), the blue color from the An-Sha-TA Sa Hub and the Ha’ahTUr Hub. When you combine these Hub currents with the Krystal River ray of Aquari, they are called the Aqualene Transmission. KASA/4DVD/2CDT

Takeyon Cycle: A Takeyon Cycle is a Key Generation Cycle - SSAR-1/4DVD

Aurora Fire Crystals: Aurora Fire Crystals are part of natural TakEyon cycles. When Aurora Fire Crystals are activated they allow for the natural gateways of energy between not only the full anatomy of the EtorA side, but also the AdorA side to open. SSAR-3/6DVD & AMST/6DVD/4CDT

Rasha Body: The Rasha Dark Matter Body exists between the Spirit Body and the Light Body. Its structure connects the EtorA and the AdorA sides, through the Core Allurean Chambers. GLS/7DVD/2CDT

Ring-1 Journey to the Urtha Aquafereion Adashi Temples: A road map that will bring safely through the various fields of hibernation zones in order that we may make our first encounter with the Adashi Temples in the physical D-2 level of the middle mantle of Urtha. AMST/6DVD/4CDT
12 Tribes Class 3: March 17–18, 2007:
After a short introduction, Class 3 quickly went into the same “tech-prep” as the previous two classes. Following this, introduction lecture topics included the Aquafereion Dispensations, the Tribes class attendees’ Aquari lineage & the Aquafereion Seeding Three line, the Aquari-Bhendi Races of Urtha, our RashaLAe Body anatomy (Rashallah, RashaLE, and RashaLAe Bodies), the sequential-Tribes-class and ParTE’KEi Body geleziac 15-layer activations, the AnshaTAsa Passage that runs from the Aquious Hubs (in the Krystic Aquareion Matrix), the Aqualene Sun activation (originally planned for 2047), and the “Bourgha Time Rip Triangulation” and the stand-down order from the Krystics to the Bourgha. Later lecture topics included the Urtha Host, the NET fields, the Krystal Spiral and FiB Of NO Chi spiral, Takeyon and Harmonic Key Cycles, the Adashi Return Cycles, the Eyughas and EyAdas, the Seed Eyugha, the AahLA-Eyugha, the KaLA-Eyugha, the Sun of God or Krystar Body, the 2003 Fall of Phantom and Parallel Earth, the “live” attack on Shala-13 at Earth Core by the Bourgha and their rejection of the Krystics’ stand-down order, and the Aqualene Deflection Field. Technique: Ring-2 Journey to the Urtha Aquafereion Adashi Temples — Opening the Ring-2 Shala-13 Adashi Chamber.
Here is a list of "some" of the things presented in 12 Tribes Class 3 with links to products that this information was touched upon.
Bhendi Race Lines: Race lines from Urtha that are offering us Spanner Gate training. FOL08/3DVD

An-Sha-TA Sa Passage: The An-Sha-TA Sa Passage is a Host Field that is run from the Aquious HUB which is strong enough to allow Earth and our Sun and the other planets in our system to be held within that Host Field.
For more information:
Stand-Down Order: The Councils of the Tri-Matrix Cooperative which are the Krystal River Cooperative—the 3 Kristiac Eckasha Matrices—gave a ‘Stand-Down Order’ to the Bourgha. KASA/4DVD/2CDT

Vertical Map: The Vertical Map is a cross-section of the Spherical Maps of the Rasha Body that show where the Aurora Safe Zones and Aurora Platforms are and the intricate interweaving of Earth and Urtha as well as the Hibernation Zones. FOL08/3DVD

Adashi Cycles: Adashi Cycle are when the outer domain (us) pulls back into the middle, and the middle pulls back into the inner, and the inner pulls back into the core, and they all pull back into Source as Creation breaths out again.
For more information: Festival of Light 2007

Aqualene Sun: Pale Turquoise in color, the Aqualene Sun is a frequency that has been progressively activated through activation of the Spanner Gate sets which allows Kristiac frequency to come in and form a buffer field with the Aurora Field. Ring-2 Journey to the Urtha Aquafereion Adashi Temples: Opening the Ring-2 Shala-13 Adashi Chamber - GLS/7DVD/2CDT
12 Tribes Class 4: April 21–22, 2007:
Tribes Class 4 opened with a discussion on the reverse current that hit our Sun’s core (arranged by the Fallen Bourgha collective on March 25, 2007), which resulted in compaction of our Sun’s three Core Prana Gates, closure of its Prana Seed, and initiation of its Bardoah cycle. Further discussion covered Prana Exchange, before the group commenced the “tech-prep” and the Ring-1 Access Key Glide Journey. This was followed by a lecture on the ParTE’KEi Template of the Rasha Body, the Bourgha Matrix destiny of Space-dust Return, the Thetan Sovereign Order of the Golden Serpent (comprised of Thetans, the part-Uby reptilian-dinosaur-like Frotentia, Knights Saxony, Knights Paraclete, Samjase-Beli-Kudyem hybrids, and Thothians), the 13,400 BC Sovereign Order capture of Ruta-15, the Red Dragon Fallen Equari near-capture of Urta-14, the Bourgha capture of Urta-14 and part of Shala-13 Core Gate, and the Last Stand of Aurora. Later lecture topics included a comprehensive explanation of RashaLAe Core Breathing & the Prana Exchange (the act of opening the PartikE Core Flows between the Eukatharista Body and the RashaLAe Body and the Seed Atom and Tauren and Source), the 7 Inner Hub Suns and the 7 Outer Suns, the 4 Expansion Eyughas, and the various levels of Aqualene Sun RashaLAe Body activation associated with 12 Tribes–1 (Inner Council) and 12 Tribes–2 (Middle Council) classes. Technique: Ring-3 Journey and Voyage to Ah-SA-LE’-Yon, the Aurora-2 Platform Cloud City Universities and the private Sa’dhi room & spaces on the 3rd Floor of the Adashi-7 Temple.
12 Tribes Volume One consists of 560 pages of verbatim transcripts of 12 Tribe Classes 1-4 and a set of 4 CD's of the Techniques that go with each class. 11 Diagrams included in manual.
Here is a list of "some" of the things presented in 12 Tribes Class 4 with links to products that this information was touched upon.
Solar Bhardoah As of March 25, 2007 there was a compaction of the 3 Core Gates; Prana Gates, Prana Seed in the Sun initiating the process of the Sun moving into its Bhardoah cycle. Prana Exchange: It is the natural breathing process by which the RashaLAe body breathes in the inner currents into the outer domains to keep that stream of consciousness and stream of life force energy coming from Source alive. KASA/4DVD/2CDT

Shadra: A Shadra is Group Geometric Shield that creates group energetic structures that run frequency in very specific ways to allow these frequencies from the Aquafereion Shield Collective Rasha Body to run into the planet to sustain the Host Field. RODL/5DVD/3CDT

Aurora Field: A field that was set with the Amenti Host Mission that allows part of the frequencies from Urtha to blend with part of the frequencies from Earth. It is a Universal Host Matrix Field. AMST/6DVD/4CDT
Thetans: The Thetans are from the Theta-Orion system. They are Fallen Lyrans (fallen Thothians) from our matrix that made hybridization deals with the Bourgha raider races creating the fallen Lyran Thetan lineage. They created the Micca Complex. (beginning of Threshold technology) TSG/8DVD

Great Netting: In 13,400BC, the Bourgha attempted to capture Urta-14 & Ruta-15 by interfering with the Planetary Merkaba fields, which created a race memory wipe. DFJ/8DVD & GLS/7DVD/2CDT