2006 FOL(빛의 축제): 스타파이어 사이클과 오리지널 아멘티 구조 미션 재-탄생_2006 런던

2017-01-11 14:54

"Festival of Light Celebration – Recorded Live - London 2006 - The Starfire Cycle and the Re-birth of the Original Amenti Rescue Mission." 

A small gathering that presents further understanding of Evac Engage. Return to the Garden of Edon, Inner, Middle and Outer Worlds, The Tauren and Bug Eye Balls, Living Lotus Seed and the Demon Seed, StarFire Cycle, Takeyon Cycle and Superluminals, The Thetans, Encryption into the Hub and Hub Pulses, Kal fall and the path of the Sovereign Fall, Rebirth of the Amenti Mission, ARC Hub Cluster Gates. New information on the continued mission of Indigos as we continue to move into evac engage. Revels updated information on Bud wormholes. Remembering The Palaidorians, The Queventelliur or Yeti. A very up-lifting event that promises a cycle of Re-Birth and Joyous Celebration. A very Happy ReNewal Year Celebration.