2007FOL: 한계의 타워 초월,크리스탈 재연합,아쿠아리의 아크_2007 피닉스

2017-01-11 14:59

"Festival of Light 2007 –“ Transcending the Towers of Threshold; the Crystal River Union, and the Arc of Aquari". Filmed live, Phoenix 1-2-07.

Join Team Indigo in the most important event to occur in the Stellar Activation Cycle to date. The first ever workshop in which the Guardian Races put out a call for as many as possible to be physically present to assist in anchoring the “Krystal River Frequencies. A “crucial point’ in this Stellar Activation Cycle and an attempt for Kristic Races to take back control of Arc Gate 7 and open Spanner Gate 7.

Remember the Aquari Races and the Kristic Coalition Guardian Races as they present the most important information to date that could keep the Indigo Shield, if successful,  from falling to black hole status by returning the ancient and very secret knowledge of the Krystal River Technologies and activation of the “Gyrodome Network”, in an attempt to reverse 2/3 of the reversed frequencies amping up from the Threshold Technologies and the “Crystal Towers” by the Red Dragon races in their attempt to reverse the Indigo Shield and take down Urtha and All Kristic Races in the process.

The first of a 3 Step Activation Process that, if successful, will allow for Kristic Ascension to remain an option to Earth Life through the 2047 – 2051 StarFire process as we enter into the “Adashi Return Cycle”. If done carefully, the Earth can be aligned with the “Organic StarFire Point” and the Kristic life forms, which are able to anchor the Krystal River Frequencies, to ride back into the Edon Domains. Successful activation of the “Krystal River Technologies” would also create something called the “Lone Star Path” that would allow for life forms falling to fall out of the direction of assimilation.

Discover the “original point in time and reason” for creation of the Victim / Victimizer Game and how it found it’s way to our Ecka-Veca System and why the Red Dragon Races are key anti-kristic players in the current drama as the Calvary (Blue Dragon Kristic Races) come on line to assist Kristic Races. A brief history is given of the Borenthasala Races and the “Great 6-6-6-6 Quarantined Polarity Experiment” and the Time Rip Technologies that invaded our Ecka – Veca system. Presents knowledge of the Dragon Crews responsible for moving and influencing people on planet to fulfill the WW3 drama and One World Order Campaign as well as introduces the 12 Feather Kristic Races.

Techniques include:

An Edonic Upgarde that will allow for merger of our Edonic Body with our Physical Body and the ability to anchor the Krystal River Frequencies well.

Optical Pineal Induction of the new Flame Codes, the Reuzhetta - Inner Elemental Reuta Root Cell, "Inner Flame" - RaShaLAe Sacred Heart Encryption, the Yunasai with Inner RaShaLAe Flame, the Core Flame - "RaShaLAe Wind Song Encryption Code", and the Rosetta Code, as A’sha-yana receives Live, the tones to assist that process. These codes are the “linking codes” from the Outer Domains to the Edon Domains.

Features a ‘Quick’ Review of the most important information given in the last six years to assist in understanding the current status of the larger drama.

Partake in the beautiful Tri-Matrix Kama-SU-Tara Crystal River “Arc of the Aquari” Rite (“wedding”), of NU-en-Ah-TA-Sui -‘Called of Waters’ (A’sha-yana) and Ah-DE-TU-pa - ‘Great Golden Cloud Walker’ (A’zha-yana) as anchoring of the Krystal River Frequencies prepares. This ceremony is for ALL Kristic Races and will allow combing of our Fire Krystal Codes with our AdonA Twin Self to co-create a Double Christ Star Krystal Capsule Activation.

Concludes by Anchoring the Krystal River and Returning the Gift of the Arc of Aquari.