2008 FOL: 로드-아웃 참여하기: 마지막 상승 사이클과 아샬레이 게이트_2008 피닉스

2017-01-11 15:03

Engaging the Load-Out; the Last Ascension Cycle and the Gate of AshaLA, Festival of Lights – January 2-3, 2008. Filmed live in Phoenix, AZ

This FOL workshop was every bit as special as it was anticipated to be. After the FOL dance-party on Jan 1 (to celebrate the successful completion/graduation of the KaLE Hara Cycle) and the beautiful reading of the Real Christmas Story on the morning of Jan 2, the excitement of 300 people was more than palpable.

Following this amazing start, watch A’sha-yana and A’hza-yana deliver an action packed lecture containing information that will never again be given here on Earth or in the Milky Way. In this superb lecture, learn about the new Krystal River Healing Program, (involving specific combinations of cross-harmonic tones) that allow for rapid healing of the DNA template and opening of the ascension passages within ourselves and the planet. The beginning dispensation of the "Krystal River Healing Program" that will offer the strongest healing possibilities ever seen on planet.

Experience the wonderful “graphology” surrounding the Spirit-Born Cycle Trimester-2 EcoushaTA Stage, the Cousha, the Eyes and Hearts of God, the Eternal Kryst Love Flows, the 48-Hara Cell Adjugate Twins and the Allurean Elemental Adjugates on the Elemental table, the 180 Suns “Space-Time-matter” domains of the Elum-Eiradona Cosmic Body, the Hara Bodies and Stations of Identity Levels, the Krystar Krystal Capsule Vehicle and the Krystic Allurean Eiradonas Flows (the natural Axiatonal lines).

There is also critical new information on the four Folds of Creation (the Ma-Sha-Yahnic, Ma-Sha-Ta-Ra-ic, Ma-Ha-Ra-Tic and Ma-Ha-Raj-ic Folds, illustrated in the a graph titled The Krystar Last Ascension 223-Year “Load-Out” Schedule) and the “in-between” Sentinel star called AshaLA and it’s Edon level Ashalum Temples (a vital “stepping-stone” on the Ascension Path available to us here on Earth as Team Aquafereion enters Stage-2 of the StarFire, the KaLA Krysta cycle).

More exquisite information is given on our 480 billion year history, the events that lead to the fall of the Milky Way (the Fall of Procyon and formation of the Procyak false memory matrix and the fallen Obeyron, Abaddon and YodA VodA matrix), M-31’s Al-Tara and the Treaty of Altair, the Bloom of Doom, the Daisy of Death finite Life Lotus configurations, the Bubble of Trouble, the Golden Mean finite Life Spiral and the Hidden Anomaly of the Atlantian Legacy capable.

Learn more about the ShALon, Alon, and KALon sites associated with Spanner Gate-7 and their related adjugate sites, also referred to as “safe-zones” (may be the only places with direct access to the AshaLA Slide Zones (also referred to as “Load-Out” Stations).

Finally, take part in the first amazing Krystal River healing technique involving tones and Soul Songs, specifically arranged to release the seals on the DhaLA Luma at the centre of the HaRA Krysta Bodies, to fully anchor the Bridge of Sol and to open the first Slide Passage from Earth to AshaLA via SHALon-7 in Phoenix and AshaLA’s Edon Domain (Ashalum Temples).