The Emerald Covenant Masters Templar Stewardship Initiative_2001

2017-01-06 01:59

The Emerald Covenant Masters Templar Stewardship Initiative -  "SECRETS OF THE AMENTI STAR GATES...AND THE GRAIL QUEST SIGNET ROUNDTABLES." 

This 292 page Manual, together with its 52 page, "Planetary Shields Clinic Field Guide," is a masterpiece.  Compiled as a result of workshop presentations in Sarasota, NYC, Kauai, Hawaii; Dublin, Ireland and Worcester, England, (and up-dated in Calgary) the contents reveal dramatic and long withheld secrets which focus on the very heart of the contemporary Freedom Agenda.  This material is unprecedented, as it is unparalleled.  The contents range from the Sacred Maharata Sciences, to the detailed revelation of the Grail Line Races (Indigo's), the true reality of the "Crucifixion", the nature and purpose of the 12 Tribe Seedings, the Riddle of the (Arthurian) Roundtable, the Location of the Race Seedings, the Cycle of the Rounds, the 'players' and the Agendas behind the Atlantean Conspiracy, and the deep and widespread ramifications that these factual developments have on every person alive on Planet Earth today! Manuals contain 15 major techniques.

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