Kathara Levels 2-3 Foundation - "Awakening the Living Lotus"

2016-12-02 03:30

Kathara Levels 2-3 Foundation - "Awakening the Living Lotus" Healing Facilitation Through Crystal Body Alignment. Includes: Facilitators' Presentation Portfolio. Recorded live in Phoenix, AZ  4-2004 & Long Beach CA  5-2004.   This Kathara Levels 2-3 package consists of the 6 DVD's from Phoenix - April, 2004 & the 5 DVD's from Long Beach - May, 2004 plus the Kathara 2-3 manual (3 ring binder). Phoenix is the first dispensation of the Kathara 2-3 program and Long Beach is the continuation as well as formatted for Teachers/Facilitators Presentation Portfolio.

The Kathara Level 2 - 3 Program introduces the various elements of multi-dimensional anatomy, from the Transcendent Eukatharista Body to Merkaba Fields, the Radial Flame Body and Crystal Body .. of the intermediate anatomy, and their  corresponding technique applications that empower and prepare us for re-awakening of the "Ra Center" and its long-dormant, accelerated, healing potentials. The technologies of Flame Body Activation featured in Kathara Level - 2 specifically address development of the ability to access, embody and transmit the powerful Heliotalic Ecka - Core Frequency Spectrum of Primal Life - Source Currents that exist beyond the immediate 15 - Dimensional Frequency Spectrum.

The Heliotalic Frequency Spectrum represents the minimum of Inter-dimensional Frequency Power that is needed to access and initiate activation of the Ra Centre through which the "Ka - Tha" Etheric Blueprint Core can then be accessed directly for expedited and greatly amplified healing and manifestation potential. Crystal Body Alignment, the Heliotalic Ecka-Core Sha-LA-a, Le-eTOR-A and  Le-AdOR-A "Eternal Living Light" Core Primal Source Currents, Ra Centre Ethos-Eiros Etheric Blueprint, Ecka-"Eternal Living Light" Primal Source Currents, Sho-Na -"Static Finite Life" Reversed Polarity "Dead Light" Currents, Through Kathara Level - 3 Technologies, the Sha-LA-a, Le-eTOR-A  and Le-AdOR-A Ecka-Heliotalic Living Light  Primal Life Source "Living Light" Frequency Spectrum initiates activation within the Multi-dimensional Anatomy, allowing for beginning activation of the embodied Ra Center, with resultant access to the Ka-Tha Light-Sound Body immediate Ethos-Eiros Etheric Blueprint Core.

Access to the Ka-Tha and Ethos-Eiros Frequency Spectrum allows for advanced Healing Technologies of Axiom Base Shield Bonding to be employed. "Eyes of Ra" Power-Key technology for instant "On Command" access to Ecka-Heliotalic Healing Currents. The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System® provides us all with an opportunity to join the Planet in its Natural Healing and Renewal Cycle, assisting us to "catch the Planetary Time-Wave" that is moving toward a future of Healing, Restoration and "Ascension" of Consciousness and Frequency. In establishing Personal Bio-field and Crystal Body Frequency Co-resonance with Earths' "Healing Wave of Ascent", we can create progressive, Self-generated, immunity to the "Chaotic Wave of Descent" and its corresponding Planetary Time-Wave, which will be experienced by the portions of Earths' Body that can no longer hold the higher frequencies of Healing and Restoration. Through the Kathara Programs we are all being offered the opportunity to consciously choose which Planetary Time-Wave we will "ride upon" and thus, what Evolutionary Destiny we are most likely to encounter.

Includes 3 Ring Binder Manual of all graphs, charts and techniques for individual use or to be used for Kathara Levels 2-3 Teaching/Facilitation. 372 pages

Kathara Levels 2&3 Techniques CD's This collection of Techniques has been specifically arranged as the most basic, consolidated group, that will support effective participation of all-comers to Kathara Level 2-3, whether beginner or established practitioner of Kathara Level-1. Therefore, Techniques 1 thru' 8 are essential precursors to effective personal access to the frequencies associated with Kathara 2-3 (and just as significant as the K2-3 specific techniques 9 thru' 19).

Considered from a wider perspective, these techniques will provide a minimum basis on which Base-6 frequencies can be successfully anchored (i.e. the sub-harmonics 1-6 (of 12) of Dimensions 1 thru 12). This Technique group is complemented by those found in the 4 part "Dance for ... " Series (Life, Love, Joy & Freedom) leading to "maximized" potential for anchoring Base-12, and the associated possibility of ascension and/ or Stargate passage, together with effective participation in Masters Grid work projects. Successful anchoring of Base-12 Frequencies presupposes applied familiarity of the contents of the 4 part "Dance for Life" Series as well as recommended use of all "Dance for .." Techniques. These guidelines are basic "catch-up" essentials and should not be construed as invalidating numerous additional MCEO techniques & teachings and, particularly, non-duplicated "Essential Newcomers" techniques.

Techniques include: 1. The Maharic Seal and Liquid Light Cleanse, 2. Eckasha Quick Seal Activation, 3. Astral, Awake, Aware & Able (Eiros Flame Activation Level 1), 4. The Eiros Flame & Silver Sanctum (Eiros Flame Activation Level 2), 5. Commanding Silence From the "Inner Throne of Power" (Amoraea Flame Activation Level 1), 6. Awakening The Flame Of Amoraea (Amoraea Flame Activation Level 3), 7. Shadow Healing - The DNA Amoraea Buffer (Amoraea Flame Activation Level 4), 8. Activating the Lotus Seed (The Lotus Bud, The 24 ManA, 24 EirA, & 24 ManU Breath, 9. Consolidated Krist Code Imprinting (Sha-LA-a Lotum Activation), 10. Introduction to the Healing Caverns of the Le-eTOR-A Flame (Entering the Ecka Seed Atom), 11. Le-eTOR-A Imprinting (Le-eTOR-A Lota Initiation), 12. Kathara Level 2, 6 Step Flame Body Activation - Client Session, 13. Kathara Level 3, Lotus Hands, Hara Center & Ra Center Activation, 14. The Lotus Touch "Quick Fire", 15. The Le-AdORA Imprinting, 16. The Flame of Ra, 17. The Eyes of Ra, 18. The K-3 6-Step Lotus Run Axiom Base Shield Bonding Tapping Sequence (Base Point Rythm - 24 Lotus Points), 19. Amping The Charge The Amplified Lotus Run Follow Up Session.

Please Note: You will find that there are "missing pages" in the K 2-3 manual. This is because the information for those pages has not yet made it on planet for Speaker Translation. When that information is given, it will be offered as a supplement.

The pages not given are:
viii, ix, 31, 32, 33, 34, 36, 37, 38, 43, 48, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 58, 83, 94, 121, 251, 252, 253, 254, 255, 267, C11, C12