Introduction to Elements of Kathara Level - 4: Installment 1

2016-12-02 03:33

Introduction to Elements of Kathara Level - 4: Installment 1 - Featuring: the Eiradon Awakening, the Voyager "Trinity Time Wave" 'Ra-Sha-LA' Restoration, the 'Ah-Seu-Ra-Shan' State and the Hon'a-tiL-E-a Run. Recorded live in Phoenix, March 2005. This workshop contains the beginnings of the “Monadic Translations”, a complex series of translations that have to do with the structure of the Monad and its formation through the FIRST and SECOND Partiki (God Source’s DESIRE then INTENTION to create). These initial translations give an overview of the specific series of ‘cell division’ processes that the first and second partiki undergo to form the Monad, which itself splits to form the RADON cells.

The RADON cells interface directly between the etheric and atomic realities (non-manifest and manifest form) and have been progressively activated through the Nadradon (Mexico workshop - ROR), Zendradon (MM/UK workshop) and Kethradon (India workshop - IKA) awakenings. The activations in this workshop, including opening the Eiridon Mother Stream (the liquid light flow within the central vertical column), give us the necessary preparation for the Ethradon awakening and opening of the final “etheric-atomic doorway” which takes place during the Morocco Hetharo workshop. Opening these doorways allows us to strengthen our direct connection to Source and to access the frequencies that are “encrypted” with God Source’s original ‘mathematical program’ for Creation itself. The activations in this workshop also prepare us to be able to use “encryption” for manifestation. Our ability to use encryption is not only dependent on the final Ethradon Awakening, but also a properly functioning Chakra system. The “6-fold chakra activation” helps reactivate and realign our currently distorted and truncated 2-fold configuration Chakra system for this purpose.

This activation will in turn help reactivate the ReushaTA Spiral within our Central Vertical Column, an additional necessary step in returning the strength within our Pillar of Power and our abilities to use “encryption”. Importantly also, this workshop introduces the first of the “projection” technologies, where we learn to project our consciousness in a safe and effective manner. Through the exercises, you will ‘re-birth’, meet and activate your very own personal ‘projection vehicle’ called the “Re-Sha-LA Body” for the first time in eons! Your Re-Sha-LA will be working with you from this point forward, to develop an Avatar-like mobility of consciousness.

Finally, all the techniques in this workshop assist us in building the necessary frequencies within our Crystal Body structure to access the new “Trinity Time Wave”, allowing us to play our role in guiding this planet and all life-forms upon it, through a successful Starburst. The techniques in this workshop include: Return of the Ra-Sha-La and the 6-fold Ra-Sha-La chakra awakening in preparation for the Ethradon awakening in May 2005 Hetharo (Morocco workshop); The Rain of Rama Song (Voyager code preparation); Part 1: E-Cou-Sha manifesting and introduction to Encryption; Part 2: Consciousness states, time wave surfing the transcendental passages and introduction to the Voyagers Trinity Time-Wave codes; 6-fold Voyager code induction and Chakra induction; The Blue Lotus Code and voyage to the passage of Khemalohatea; The Khemalohatea Voyage and passage through the Khemalohatea Flame to the ADdonDrea; The Ad-Dondra Voyage and journey through the Adondrea Flame and 360-doorway.

Also included: 2 CD’s of recorded techniques. Tech 1: Breathing Liquid Light – Krystallah Activation & Eiradon Awakening, Tech 2a: Introduction to SE'da Tonal Geometries, Tech 2: The "Rain of Rama" Psonn (A'sha singing), Tech 3: The Hon’-a-til-E-‘a  Run, Kathara Level - 4 Session  Part One - “Restoration of the Ra – Sha – La”, Tech 4a: The 6-Fold Voyager Codes Induction – Ra-Sha-La Restoration Kathara Level – 4, Hon’-a-til-E-‘a Run Session Part ‘A’, Tech 4a: Entering the ‘Ah-Seu-Ra-Shan’ State – Steps 1-12, Tech 4b: The 6-Fold Voyager Codes Induction – Ra-Sha-La Restoration Kathara Level – 4, Hon’-a-til-E-‘a Run Session Part ‘A’ Tech 4b: Voyager “Trinity-Time-Wave” Ra-Sha-La Restoration Code Induction The 6-Step Hon’-a-til-E-‘a Run (Personal & Client) Session, Techs 5,6,7:  The Rapid Access “Blue Lotus” Monadic Passage Voyage [Run as One] Straight Vertical Ascent  (T-5) The Khem-a-lo-ha-tea Voyage (T-6) Journey to the Ad-Don-dra – Ecka to Eckasha Base Shield Transit (T-7) The Ad-Don-draea Voyage Journey to the Ad-Don-dra – 360 Rama Passage Doorway (Collectively Known As:” The Eckasha-A Ascent”). Includes 73 page Handbook, which includes: Two 8.5 X 11color sheets of the 12 Chakra Codes and an 8.5 x 11 color sheet with Voyager Codes, one 8.5 x 11 B & W transparency sheet of Adapter Codes.