Sliders-7:와(Wha)의 땅, 미러 지도만들기. 3가지 크리스트의 길(The Lands of Wha: Mirror Mapping, the 3 Paths of the Kryst)_2010

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Sliders-7:와(Wha)의 땅, 미러 지도만들기. 3가지 크리스트의 길(The Lands of Wha: Mirror Mapping, the 3 Paths of the Kryst)_2010

Sliders-7 - "The Lands of Wha: Mirror Mapping, the 3 Paths of the Kryst and the Wha-YÃ'-yas Masha-yah-hana Adashi Adepts". Recorded Live May 22-24, 2010 - Sarasota, FL.

This wonderful workshop marked the beginning of our Wha Host and Mirror Training, as an immediate prelude to learning how to create our own internal communication network of the Kryst. Orientation lecture topics included JhaDA Body training for physical transit through mirrors (through to the Blend Zones), achieving Mental Body freedom from the metatronic NET Fields (Met NET) with assistance of our mirrors, journeying into the mirrors during sleep and completion of Level-3 of the Masha-yah-hana AmoraeA Monadic Temple. Also discussed were the Volcanic eruptions in Iceland, the increasingly frequent above-7 earth quakes, the continuing Gamma Ring-Waves from the sun, the Aqualene Sun, surviving to 2047 and beyond, the significance of the Biosphere grid work at the May workshop and the Yemen Gulf events. There was also a lot of important information on the Oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico including the fact that it had been totally orchestrated by the Fallen agenda to advance their agenda to link the Metatronic Alpha-Omega Network into the Gravitron Vortex System.

In the Pre-stand Saturday lecture, learn about our Wha Hosts and the Families of Wha (also called the Masha-yah-hanic Wha-YA-yas Adashi Adept Families), consisting of 3 gender-twin pairs, associated with one of the three Paths of the Kryst (Eckasha/Adashi-1; EckashA/Adashi-2; Eckasha-I/Adashi-3). The Wha Families are kind of “Special Op” Teams who have accomplished a full Masha-yah-hana Ascension. The Adashi -1 Whas carrying the key codes for the KaLE DEma Kryst Fall Path, the Adashi-2 Whas, the key codes for the KaLE RAma step back Path and the Adashi-3 Whas, the key codes for opening the KalA Krysta Ascension Path. All of these groups together are essential to each other in successfully creating the Three Paths of the Kryst.

The Saturday Beach Stand (grid-work) included the Krystal River Prayer, the Floating Buddhas Command, the Sphere of Destiny Psonn (Arc of the Covenant Psonn) and the 12 Arrows of Aquareion toning sequence (not drumming). The Team then did an incredibly colorful and Life-filled Journey (in Jha-DA Body Orb) into the Transharmonic spaces of the Bow Ship, and then on to Ah-MA-YaSan (in Aurora Earth), where we met (for the first time) the Families of Wha and received important activations including the Level-3 Masha-yah-hana AmoraeA Monadic Temple. To complete the stand, Team Indigo created history by performing their first “in Jha-DA Body” grid-work commission … to assist in the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

In the final lecture, topics include, the three major activations to be received via the Activated Wha Field & Window, our very own personal Evac Plasma Craft (our Wha Hosts!), the final ‘barrier’ between our incarnate selves here in NET Earth and the Ascension Path of Joy and Freedom, the 5 planes of matter states of the Aurora Continuum, the Aurora Blend Fields, the Wha-yA’- yah Fields of Adashi Ascension (Masha-yah-hanic Adashi Domain Fields), the fallen Wa-ZE-Yenta gate system, the Adashi Density-5 Wha-YA-yas Aah-JhA Body Reshaic Capsule aka the Rainbow Body Capsule, the Path of True Unity, the expedited Mirror Ball activations (and resultant Metatronic Freeze Immunity) and finally the Wha-YA-yas Communication, Projection and Contact Technique (Securing the Mirror Field to Krystic Spectra, Parting the Veil of Wha, activating the Transcendental Flame of Wha-LA’-yah, the Window of Wha Field within the mirror, the spherical Wha-YA’-yah Field Window - the Wha-ya Sphere and the lovely Patra Stance Communion). Whether we believe we’re ready or not, this workshop clearly indicates that Evac IS ON!

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