Sliders 11: 탄트리에이쟈 도어웨이와 창조의 실버씨드 템플, 사메야 워터 커맨드_2011 사라소타

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Sliders 11: 탄트리에이쟈 도어웨이와 창조의 실버씨드 템플, 사메야 워터 커맨드_2011 사라소타

Sliders-11: Time Tan - tri - Ā - jha Doorways and the Silver Seed Temple Pods of Creation, Sa - MA - ya Water Command and Mirror in the Sky Activation Level-3 (Physical Body Adept Training). Filmed Live - August 12-14, 2011, Sarasota, FL.
This Sliders-11 workshop ushered in an unexpected and very interesting new development in the Kristic Mission – the Cos-MA-yah level Twin Contracts. It was also when Mirror in the Sky activation Level-2 (during the Saturday night beach activation) & Level-3 (during Monday morning Journey) occurred and when the Water Element Command Codes 2, 6 & 10 with their corresponding Disciplines were introduced (the Ma-jhi-Ta Dances or the Bender Dances).

The new information was quite complex so it was a real gift to have it spelled out clearly in a 5-page handout (and in the product handbook) titled DhA-ya-TEi Codes, Cos-MA-yic Contracts & Tan-Tric Shield Activation: Parts 1-7. Topics covered included the Adashic Halls of Records, the Adashic Archives (specific libraries within the Adashic Records on Sanctuary Island), the First Existence Birthing Contracts, the Faun-TE’-jha (Fauntic) and Tan-Tri-A’-jha (Tan-Tric) Twin contracts - both subdivisions of the Ma-Jhi-Ta Twin contracts, personal tantra (techniques that don’t require a partner) and the full DhA-Ya-TEi contracts (when incarnate Tan-Tric Twins get together and have an intimate relationship). All Ma-Jhi-Ta Twin Pairs are Elemental Command Consummate Twins and are born out of this first existence contract.

Discover a whole new world that is opening up to us: the Halls of Adasha and the Adashic Record. The Adashic Record is actually made up of Cos-MA-yah Flame vapour Eta-Ur Ether, non-substance field of Consciousness and permeates all things in the manifest Body of God Source. It carries a replica encryption of every thought you feel, every abuse of free will choice (including the Dha-na-Co-HarA distortions) and every Kristic probability. It is also where many of today’s psychics get their readings for people. It is described as a breathing vapour that permeates everything and is almost like a “back drop” of existence, expanding on the exhale (as occurs in space dust return) and contracting on the inhale (such as what occurs in the Krystar turn-around and Kristic ascension). Unlike the Reishaic Halls of Records (Akashic and Ecoushic), the Adashic Record isn’t confined to a centralized structure or space-time location.

From the handout: “When a space-time coordinate in any domain field obtains activated access to the between-state Aurora Fields and to the Cos-MA-yah Flame Field and Ah-yah-YA Dream Stream frequency spectra, the Adashic Record encryption carried as Cos-MA-yah Vapour in that domain space-time coordinate arranges, coagulates and binds the domain coordinate frequency spectra with its pure Krystic Core Encryption held within the Aurora Continuum Frequency Spectra. In blending the frequency spectra through the Cos-MA-yah Flame and Ah-yah-YA Frequency Spectra, a new set of Trans-Time Spatial Reality Fields literally materialize, linking the domain space-time coordinate with its Aurora perfect expression through a set of materialized transcendent dimensional planes called the DhA-Ya-TEi Planes. The DhA-Ya-TEi Planes open and structurally organize around a core concentration point of Adashic Recorded, Encoded, Cos-MA-yah Vapour, which is drawn to, adheres to and crystallizes around a centrally structured form of the Aurora Core Reishaic Record Halls. This now centralized point of core Aurora Adashic Reishaic Record Crystallization is called the Cos-MA-yah Blue Flame Fire Water Crystal, and is often referred to as the Adashic Archive. From the Adashic Archive central Point, the Halls of Adasha then materialize following the 1st 8-cell structure of “fixed point” Record Halls.

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