Sliders-12: 크리스트의 외현화(2): 탄트리에이쟈의 비밀, 다투는 플라즈마등_페일세이프 스탠드 2_2012년 4월 사라소타

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Sliders-12: 크리스트의 외현화(2); 탄트리에이쟈의 비밀 (2): 다투는 플라즈마, 15번째 브릿지, 마이오틱 일깨우기, "크리스트-호스트 페일세이프의 7 스탠드" /   "페일세이프 스탠드 2"_2012 4월 사라소타

Sliders-12: Externalization of the Kryst; Secrets of the Tan-Tri-A'jha' PART-2: Dueling Plasmas, The 15th Bridge, Myotic Awakening, the "7-Stands of the Kryst-Host Fail-Safe and "Fail-Safe Stand #2. Filmed April 6-9, 2012, Sarasota, FL

This second of three Sliders-12 workshops heralded the beginning of NET Earth’s Team Krystos’ Al-Hum-Bhra Host Mission. This new upgrade in the Kristos Mission commenced with opening of something called the Miotic Planes and the Councils of 48, a huge collective of Krystic CosMAyah Beings also referred to as the “Krystal People”. The Krystal People represent the RhAya-Phim Races who manifest as Krystal RhAy Ships, and who are coming together in an extraordinary way in our Earth’s atmosphere to form the massive Mirror in the Sky that will be reflecting back a large portion of the reversed frequencies (including the powerful reversed Violet Plasma Ray of Consumption) during the up-and-coming months. As part of this most recent Mission upgrade, the hosting parts of our Metagalaxy (MG) will be drawn through into the ‘adjugate alignment’ from MG-6; GL-3; SS-3 into MG-12; GL-12; Sol-5; Stella-3. This new 12:12:5:3 alignment will open the Eye of Aquari starting NOW and will complete by May 27th. Urtha’s staff in M-31 in MG12; GAL3; Sol3; Stell3 will hold Earth’s Rod chambers stable until the end of the load-out in 2047.

Lecture Topics: The AL-Hum-Bhra Councils of CosMAyah, the Covenant of AL-Hum-Bhra Krystal River Host Fail-Safe, the Crystal Fleet of Al-Hum-Bhra & Crystal Rays of Liberation, the Essential engagement of the Seven Stands of the Fail-Safe, Stand-1 Stealth Stand (in the Arctic), the LEAP for Eternal Life (The Great Cross Over Alignment), the Eye of Aquari, the Seal of the Krystal RhAy (an intricate formula of CosMAya through Cosmic gate-codes that are carried by incarnate members of the Al-Hum-Bhra RhAyas), the Miotic Planes, Flows & Chambers and related Plasma Body Lotus Anatomy, the Three Eyes of RhAyas, the First Eternal Eye of RhAyas (connected to the Ahu-BrE’-A’jh Al-Hum-Bhra), the second Eternal Eye of RhAyas (connected to the Ah-LA’-yah AL-Hum-Bhra [holy Books of Al-Hum-Bhra]), the Third Eye of RhAyas (connected to the KUmA-Yah Al-Hum-Bhra, Calling the Krystal Fleet of AL-Hum-Bhra into Active Duty and initiating the FLY ORDER for the Krystal Fleet, the status of the Shield of Solomon and the Aurora Host Shield, the Eye of FAtaLE, the De-Leura Breach, the Dark Flower Phim affliction, the False Deity Planes, the Plasma Wars, the Wha-ZE-yenta Fall , the Dark Fallen Violet Sun of Brenta AhVA, the Brenta-de Leu’ra Plasma Synthesizer and Reverse Violet Plasma Ray of the Wa-ZE-yenta, the status of the Seven Jehovian Seals, the Seven Trumpets, the Phoenix/Falcon wormhole caps, the White Dragon (Wing Dong) Wha-JhE-A’-Ta Thunkana Races (the main FA-Ta-LE family), the false 3-3-3 alignment (the MG-12 Gal-3 SolS-3 and Stellar-3 alignment), the Aquafereion Shield rings and the metatronic pull/harness on the Violet and Green Shield rings, and the fallen Equari and their cooperative ties with the fallen Wha-JhE-A’-Ta Thunkana and Breaking the Arms of Aquareion.

An excerpt from E’Asha: “A Vision of Beauty that we can share together ... that we can anchor regardless of how challenging it might be. It’s about bringing the BPR of that desired Vision of Beauty of the Future into the BPR (base pulse rhythm) of the NOW in order to change the BPR of the Now .... We need to ‘Vision of Beauty ourselves’ right out of it (the falling BPR)! It’s about Unity in Diversity. We can do this together. We are still in the game ...

Workshop Activations/Techniques: Saturday Beach Shadra Stand 2A, the Three Eternal Eyes of RhAyas open (the RhAyas associated with the Aqualeen Sun-One in the Core CosMAya), bringing in the Miotic Plasma Liquid Sound Flows (through the three Miotic Chambers). Activation of the Seal of the Krystal RhAy and the HEART of RhAyas (starts the Heart of RhAyas beating) also known as the Torch of Ah-LA’-Yah AL-Hum-Bhra, a Miotic Liquid Sound Standing Plasma Wave. Activation of the Flame of AL-Hum-Bhra centred in the P-lotus area, and the centre of the Maharic Shield below feet. These Flame of AL-Hum-Bhra ‘Burners’ confer a peaceful and stabilizing protection field, then activate; a huge chamber of frequency opens up around the big Eckasha-shaped Flames, called the Shield of AL-Hum-Bhra (one of the THREE Miotic Chambers that triangulate and run the frequencies from our Eckasha-Aah, the Aquari Eckasha-Aah and the Al-Hum-Bhra Eckasha-Aah). Anchoring the Virtue Codes 1, 5 & 9. Key anatomy in the last technique includes the Blood Crystal Sac in the Al-Hum-Bhra Center in Chakra-3, the RhAyas ‘Rug’ on Aurora Shield at Earth core, and drawing EIGHT Miotic flows from each of the SIX directions from the Miotic Lotus Body.

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