Sliders-1: 어둠으로부터 나오기_슬라이드를 위한 마음 준비(Emerging from Darkness'-Preparing the Mind for Slide)_2008 피닉스

2017-01-11 16:48

Sliders-1: 어둠으로부터 나오기_슬라이드를 위한 마음 준비(Emerging from Darkness'-Preparing the Mind for Slide)_2008 피닉스

Sliders-1: “Emerging from Darkness”- Preparing the MIND for Slide - Filmed Live - Phoenix, AZ August 8-10, 2008

JoinTeam Indigo/Aquafereion for this wonderful opening Sliders-1 workshop presenting exciting new information on the amazing Hydro-acoustic Body Technologies that will accelerate our natural manifestation abilities and which hold the key to our healing and ultimate ability to slide. The first step in the process of preparing the body to Slide to Median Earth is to Prepare the Mind as the mind will give the instructions for the rest of the atomic body.

Experience opening the “Mental Window” and activating your natural TE’a-Wha Field (TE’a-Wha = to transfer and turn around), the natural Morphogenetic Field in which we can “seed” our desired thoughts for manifestation. Discover exactly where thoughts come from, where they go and how our thoughts literally create our hologram.

These technologies involve clearing the Pentagonal Perversion through “Re-sanctification of the Pentagonal Code”, allowing expression of the natural Pentagon within our Hydro-acoustic TE’a-Wha Field structure. Hear about the Review Loops or Planes (where many people have been getting stuck for eons, after physical death of the body), the distorted reality fields or “false holograms” created by NET’ting the mental body of entire collectives of people and how we’ll be assisting these people in future.

Learn about the Sliding Cities, the intermediate zones between here and Median Earth and the Pentagonal Transduction Process, the process of literally “breathing an encryption” into and out of the Hydro-acoustic body through the Pentagonal Transduction Pathway. Learn also more detailed information on the TE’a-Wha Field structure, the Allurean Chambers, Fire Chambers, the Akashic/Ecoushic/RaSha Seed, the Va-Bha-TE Sac and the parental Va-Bha-TE Cell.

Two key documents from the Beloveds were released and discussed during this workshop called “Where it all Begins – the Organic Process of Fetal Integration” and “The 12 Steps of Materialization – the Progression from Consciousness to Matter”. They speak for themselves and are included with these DVD’s as a supplement.

In addition, find out more about the origins of the many natural elements including cellestallon, celestelline and celestelite, the Aah-JhA RaSha Seed, the Mana Seed Zion Light Quantum, the EirA GhaRE and the Eiron Stream, the exact  locations of the I AM Streams of Consciousness within the Hydro-acoustic Body (I AM EGO, I AM Body, I AM Elements and I AM GOD Self), the natural Internal Duct System (within the physical body) and our very own embodied Caduceus Network, The Vagus Nerve (and its associated Snake, Poison Apple, Wounded Grid and Albion).  

Finally, find out why the unnatural law “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reactionis unnatural and why the natural law of “for every action, there is an appropriately balanced reaction” cannot easily be expressed here on NET Earth.

Techniques include activation/Induction of the AllurA RaSha TAN Elemental Spectral Code (“Feel Good Code” or Hydro-acoustic Reprogramming Code), the 2-part technique called The TE’a-Wha Seed - Planting the Seeds for Personal Materialization technique, the 22-step Opening the Pentagonal TE’a-Wha Window and Conscious Materialization (opens the ketheric duct at the fonatanelle to receive the DN-1 TE’a-Wha flows), Removal of the Cadeucus (the reversed program that holds the encryption for physical death of the body) and the first Hydro-acoustic healing facilitation technique (on water) using the Allur-E’ah Ra-sha-tan “Feel Good” Symbol Code (water being the substance that carries consciousness into manifestation).

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