Sliders-3: 당신 날개 아래의 바람-슬라이드를 위한 영혼 참여(“The Wind Beneath Your Wings”)_2008 세인트키츠

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Sliders-3: 당신 날개 아래의 바람-슬라이드를 위한 영혼 참여(“The Wind Beneath Your Wings”)_2008 세인트키츠

Sliders – 3: “The Wind Beneath Your Wings” – Engaging the Spirit for Slide. Recorded Live – Nov. 12-22, 2008 – St. Kitts (St. Christopher’s, British Virgin Islands) Caribbean Island.

Join the Indigo Team on the beautiful Caribbean Island of St Kitts in an amazing Workshop experience.  This Workshop is packed with invaluable information pertaining to, not only the successful continuation for the Host on this planet, but also for practical applications in the form of new information, tools, activities, events, and activations that continue Re-Spiritualizing (transfiguring) and Re-enlightening (Transmuting) our D-2 Telluric Physical-Atomic Body, in preparation for “Slide” to Median Earth.

Learn important information on Diet and exercise in relation to Slide.  Join the Indigo Shield on the beach, to learn the dynamic tools of the 48-Ah-RA’-yas of Power, and the 12-Ah-LE’i-yas of Momentum, which along with the Ah-VE’-yas Point of the Karanadial Complex, progressively retrain and empower the organic GharE’ to “win the Internal War of Attrition”, which allows us to reclaim sovereignty of our physical-atomic structure.  The 48 Ah-RA’-yas are “Zone-targeted dynamic repetitive motions of expansion, contraction and resistance”, that progressively strengthen, expand, balance and generate quantum power within the Axiational and Meridian Lines and the Uni-genetic Underlay, while strengthening and toning the muscles and respiratory system, and assisting to balance the chemical-hormonal systems of the physical body.

Join Team Indigo as we engage a “Bio-energetic Time-Leap” that opens the personal “Time Passages of the Spirit Body”, to progressively bring our Heroic Probability and Transcendent Self “on-Line” with the Axiatonal and Meridian Line systems of our physical-atomic bodies.  The techniques presented in this Workshop automatically amplify and expand the frequency harmonics of the Sliders-2 Techniques featured in the Aqua-Tone “Daily-Grail”- Daily & Bi-Weekly “Short-Run Home Program”, and culminate in opening of the Rasha Door and activation of the Inner-Sun of Aquareion, (the 1st Median Earth Eternal Atom, within the Karanadial Seal of the personal Aah-JhA’ Hydro-Acoustic Body) and the “UGU”-Uni-genetic Underlay (the Eternal-life “Living-Water Web” within the cellular structure of the physical body).

Discover how these activations allow us to accrete our personal Probability-Vector Codes, which occurs in 3 stages, with the 4 Event Horizons of 1 Density-level Probable-Self Resolute-Twin Set integrating during each of the 3 stages.  As each stage of Probability-Vector Code integration progresses, the personal physical-atomic body reciprocally expands its potential embodied “Living-Light Quotient” (Sha-LA’-ea Light).  The “Living-Light Quotient” represents the portion of the atomic structure that has fulfilled Krystic Transmutation/Re-Enlightenment to become Mana-light, and this “Living Light Quotient” of the physical body determines what evolutionary paths remain available to the embodied Incarnated Identity.

Join in the activations which reclaim and remerge 3 sets of 3 Eternal “Pa-Ta-Ur” Atoms back into our bodies; the Density-1 Ra-sha-pa-ta-Ur to the AzurA, the Density-2 Pa-Ta Um-Eir’-A to the E-umbi, and Density-3 Pa-Ta RE-Hah-yah to the Rajhna, which were left on Median Earth as we Incarnated onto NET Earth.  And, why this is essential to progressively experience the Um-shaddhi State or the Transcendent-State; states of consciousness associated with “Slide”.

Hear about the exciting news of the success of the “Treaty of Al-ben-yhan” and how this is connected with the important event of the USA Presidential Election.  Learn why St. Kitts is such an important, special place; that it is one of the “4 Sentinels”, which along with the “Watchtower” make up what is called the Median Earth Safe Zone Cathedral Complex Ah-VE-yas Shield.  Learn all about the “Safe Zone Map” and subsequent information detailing what actually comprises a “Safe Zone” here on NET Earth.

Experience the “Orb Beings”; Krystic Sha-LA’-ea Light Elementals from Median Earth that joined in a Shadra Shield activation on the beach; transmuting off the Shona Fields from our bodies, bringing in Sha-LA’-ea Light for expedited healing.  Meet your ZionA Attendant, a Krystic Being from Median Earth, who will stay with you, helping you to move safely through Slide or the Bhardoah process.  Experience this and much more in this magical Workshop.  This Workshop DVD set includes 3 Planetary Grail Events, 4 Psi-Interactive Techniques, 5 Aqua-Tone Techniques, 4 Sliders-2 Catch-up Techniques, 6 Mindfulness exercises, and approximately 12 hours of lecture material. Includes a 23 page handbook

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