Sliders-6: 언약의 아크, 운명의 스피어 등( The Arc of the Covenant, Sphere of Destiny..)_2009 더블린

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Sliders-6: 언약의 아크, 운명의 스피어 등( The Arc of the Covenant, Sphere of Destiny..)_2009 더블린

Sliders-6" - The Arc of the Covenant, Sphere of Destiny & the Stairway to Heaven Engaging the Spirit for Slide — Intermediate Level. Filmed Live October 11–17, 2009 — Dublin & Skellig Michael, Éire

The Sliders-6 Workshop is another essential turning point in the ongoing activations of the Aquareion Host Shield, including the early activation of the Silver Seed Awakening, the first spark of the Silver Seed of the Mashaya-Hana Hubs of Aquareion Matrix; activation of the Sphere of Destiny, which is a 6-dimensional transharmonic protection sphere that turns into our Jha-DA’ Body Orb Vehicle, giving us the ability to eventually biologically Orb; and activation of the Lotus Bud Vehicle, which is the access code for the 48-Strand DNA imprint that connects us into Higher Earth.

Learn how the Krystal River Guardians relocated the Arc of the Covenant Portal Passage, with the help of the Kryst Beloveds’ “ground team” and those in Ireland, from its position in Giza to the ancient Lohas Atlantean position in contemporary Ireland, and how a large Transharmonic Doorway that was created over Skellig Michael can now be projected into in order to pick up and breathe Stardust Eiron Stream frequency from Higher Earth, giving us progressive immunity to the reversed 55-Merkaba planetary anomaly that will be activated by the “Fall Force” collectives in 2012.
This workshop introduces the Transharmonic Merkaba activations of Densities 1 & 2, which allow us to merge with the EM fields of Higher Earth. These activations will begin to pull in the encryption of Higher Earth, progressively pulling us out of personal Metatronic alignment with the planetary Metatronic NET field and clearing the personal False Christ Consciousness Grid Encryption Lattice that surrounds the fields of our bodies due to the planetary False Christ Consciousness Grid.
Other topics discussed: new info on the Atlantean Drama and what is occurring in 2012; Encryption Lattices (ELs) and how there are two ELs on the planet influencing the BPR, the geomagnetic field, and the DNA of our personal and planetary fields; engaging Stardust Alignment — a window of opportunity between Dec. of 2012 and Feb. of 2013; the new Transharmonic Gate System called the Aurora Silver Seed Gates, linking NET-Earth with Higher Earth; Official Disclosure - 1 and the Introductory-Topic Summaries, the Atlantean Death Sciences, and the series of wormholes created between our Earth/Sun and Parallel Earth/Sun in the Parallel Milky Way — which distorted our Solar System into an artificial binary star system and caused the current, unnatural precession of the equinoxes — and the new diagrams that track these alignments and give dates when we can amp our fields to protect ourselves; the historical significance of the dates 13,400 BC and 10,948 BC, in which the “Great Netting” of Lower Earth initiated the separation of Higher and Lower Earth, and the formation of the Atlantean Toral Rift Time Rip engaged Earth & our Solar System in the “2012 End Times Drama”; and updates on the Sphere of Amenti, the now-reversed Blue Flame Staff of Amenti, and the 2012 implications for the race morphogenetic field.
Technique series includes: (1) The entry-point journey to the Blue Fire-Water Crystal of Median Earth, where we meet the Blue Water AquafarE’, who are the main guard of the Blue Crystal; (2) Pick-up journey to receive the Golden-Silver Flame of Aurora, the Flame of the Krystal River Host; (3a, 3b) Activating the Transharmonic Density-1 Merkaba Field, creating a 64-foot Star-Flight Disc and double Krystal Spiral; (4, 5, & 6) Transharmonic Density-2 Merkaba activation, and the activation of our Jha-DA’ Body Orb and part one of the Psonn of the Arc of the Covenant, which will be the Orb-ing activation Psonn.

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