KDDL-엘레멘트 1: 킬론틱 과학, 탄트리오라 티칭, 탄트리 자유의 바퀴 등(Keylontic™ Discourses for Daily Living - Element-1:)_2014 온라인 방송 워크샵

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KDDL-엘레멘트 1: 킬론틱 과학, 탄트리오라 티칭, 탄트리 자유의 바퀴 등(Keylontic™ Discourses for Daily Living - Element-1:)_2014 온라인 방송 워크샵

Keylontic™ Discourses for Daily Living-KDDL Course™ Series- ELEMENT-1:
Keylontic™ Science, the Tan-ri-A’Hura Teachings™, Tan-Tri Wheel of Freedom™ & the Flow of the Unfolding of the Fail-Safe –
The Integral Bridge™, KrystalbridgeWay™ Carrier Wave & the Krystal River™ Mission

ARhAyas Productions, LLC is happy to announce 1st Launch of our new Online Krystal River™ Bio-Spiritual Development Programs!

Introducing our 1st Krystal River™ Program, the new AMCC-MCEO-GA
Keylontic™ Discourses for Daily Living- KDDL Course™ Series
Live-Stream Virtual Workshop Series
Presented by AMCC-MCEO-GA Speaker-1 E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas

Our “KDDL”* (*Keylontic Discourses for Daily Living) Course is an exciting new series of online AMCC-MCEO-GA™ Live-stream, virtual workshops/webinars designed by the AMCC-MCEO-GA to make their ongoing theoretical teachings, progressive new techniques and event/activation up-dates easily accessible and affordable to all through the ease of online live-streaming.

This heavily techniques-focused AMCC-MCEO-GA workshop KDDL Course™ Series simultaneously represents the long-requested “new comers place to begin for fast-track catch-up”, the next stage of development for AMCC-MCEO-GA Freedom Teachings™, Kathara™ & Keylontic™ Science students, and the place for accelerated advancement and dynamic experiential amplification for students of the AMCC-MCEO-GA Tan-Tri-A’Hura Teachings™ and ShiftMasters™ programs.   As KDDL Course™ study emphasizes dynamic, enjoyable, progressive state-of-the-art techniques, purposed with the objective of fostering personal EarthCync™*, it provides an opportunity for individuals of all knowledge and skill levels to engage, explore, learn and grow together.

 Day-1/Session-1 DISCUSSIONS:

Discussion: The Freedom Teachings™, Keylontic™ Science & the Tan-Tri-A’Hura – The “A & R’s” (re: FT’s “12 Attitudes & 12 Responsibilities of Mastery”), “13 Virtues”, Tan-Tri Wheel of Freedom™, Integral Bridge™, Focal Point Frequency Rounding and the online Krystal River™ Bio-Spiritual Development Programs.

Focus Topic: Introduction to the KrystalbridgeWay™ Network, Tan-Tri Wheel of Freedom™, the “15 A & R’s”, 5 Freedoms, 15 Virtues, Disciplines, Contemplations, Victories” and the Codes of Lila Master-Key Time Codes.

Tan-Tri Focal Point: 13th Attitude, 13th Responsibility & Integral Bridge Frequency Round-13”

EarthCync™ Up-dates: Planetary Templar activation of the KrystalbridgeWay™ Network, and introduction to the ARhA’yah Crystal Libraries, the “Virtual Voyagers” Projection-meeting Platform and the “EFFI-Net” Eternal-Internal Broadcast Station” communications-interface.

Day-2/Session-2 DESTINATIONS:

Proga™ Voyage: to VoyageScape™ Destination-13, the Aquatonah™ Revitalization Pools, KrystalbridgeWay™ Restoration Center, Median Earth.

Activations: Keylonta™ Key Code-13



Focal Point Contemplation: V.A.R.-13

Application Destination: VoyageScape™-13

Plasmantik™ Induction: Integral Bridge Frequency Round-13

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KDDL-엘레멘트 1: 킬론틱 과학, 탄트리오라 티칭, 탄트리 자유의 바퀴 등(Keylontic™ Discourses for Daily Living - Element-1:)_2014 온라인 방송 워크샵
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